Sunday, August 2, 2020

Letter To General Secretary AIBOC

Mr. Saumya Dutta,
General Secretary,
AIBOC, Kolkata

Dear Mr. Dutta,

Through, we are aware that in consonance of UFBU declared policy, under which neither UFBU nor it's constituents give any cognizance to communications emanating from groups or people of banking fraternity, whether working or retired, you will not  give any cognizance to this letter as well. Well, we are not interested in your positive or negative response, but definitely we have interests in the issues of bank men, which according to us is: one, fair and adequate wage increase and improvement in service conditions of working bank men and second, revision of Pension/ Family Pension, since these both aspects are of common interests of bank men irrespective their status, in which we need solutions, since these are two sides of the same coin.

On all your important decisions we have had conveyed you our concerns. Your stand and decisions were never consistent & augured well in emerging situations. You have been working on whims, unaware of ultimate results that caused irreparable damages to organization & people you represent. 

Your first such adventure was your 2 days strike. You failed to take on board two other officers organizations, if you could not succeed to take entire UFBU. It was a COD of 4 Officers Unions on the line decided collectively by UFBU constituents. If there was any problem created by IBA, it was collective responsibility of all officer Unions & UFBU to take collective view. But, here you  adventured to move solo, leaving all other 7 Unions. Despite strike success, end result was ZERO.

Further, you staged a very powerful Dharana at Delhi, which evoked tremendous response. You could garner the support of Pensioners in great number, which swelled your Dharana by 50%. You noticed it. You made a loud statement, not to sign 11th settlement without Pension revision. According to us, it was just release of hot air. You were just appeasing Pensioners, similar to one that Mr. Venkatachalam did in 10th settlement. Your Dharana was followed with a reputation to PAPPU of Nehru dynasty, snap was good, but the flame of your Dharana was extinguished, the moment you met Pappu. We could not understand your intent and motive to meet Pappu till today. According to us, after Dharana, it would have been right course if you would have met  Sri Sunil Mehta, then Chairman, IBA, stationed at Delhi as well as  any of amongst FM/SFM/Secretary Finance. This doubled your ZERO, can't say it a feather in cap!

There was a pause. IBA in a meeting with 7 unions, burst a cracker. IBA told, they were ready to discuss and settle wage revision if workmen Unions agreed so. It evoked a query: as to what would be of officers? IBA informed, on parameters, applied in workmen settlement, officers issues would be clinched. The workmen  Unions reacted with posivity. This way, IBA let YOU feel, the ground slipping under YOUR feet. It worked well. It forced you to flee like sparrow from Kolkata to Chennai to take 2 other officers on board and then Mumbai to IBA office and from there to New Delhi to meet same Mr. Sunil Mehta, then Chairman, IBA, who was not deem fit to be met after AIBOC day long Dharana and then returned to Kolkata in one go. We are sorry, if our expression is bit harsh, uncomfortable & sarcastic. However, we say, it  did not another ZERO.

You rejoined back, but you were no more same. You were an unarmed surrendered soldier. In all successive meetings between IBA & UFBU, you were a still entity.

You made another blunder, no doubt aimed at pleasing Chairman, SBI, who was fired by FM in some meeting in Assam. After 15 days of said incidence, which was a normal happening with public executives  by the political masters, you ventured to issue a press note in media in this regard, which was your sinical act that disturbed the concerned executive, instead any relief. We do not wish to discuss the heat that made you call back your press release terming that as sent inadvertently. We do not wish to disclose, what you had to do to cool down your master. Your this act again, made bank officers liable to pay heavy cost at a very crucial time.

In PSBs officers head count is almost 50%. You may be representing 80%. Bank men want to know the role you played in talks culminating into MOU on 22.7.2020. In video conferencing on 22.7.2020, you were silent. This reflects, either you had concurred with it before this meeting or had no say, better to remain silent, let things happen. Many constituent Unions expressed their views. One INBEF present in person had made an eye account public. AIBOA too said something, which we need not to explain. Your silence is either your helplessness or total surrender to going on. Bank Officers in particular & work men in general look to you with sheer anxiety for your views in regard to MOU dates 22.7.2020.

The myth that 'Nazis-Niazis Head the Bank Unions' is no more myth, but come true.

Unbelievable! but, believe, since facts are facts. None of us thought of resurrection to primitive stage of 1940s era Banking, but situation is such. Unimaginable!! but, see, feel and experience then believe.

worst hit are honest bankers
who totally depend on real money.]

Abandonment of interaction processes and imposing arbitrary decisions, ultimately converts into dictatorship. Thus, autocratic mind set makes one arrogant. That's what has been happening these days in UFBU. It has produced among us Nazis-Niazis, who sit over the fate of bank employees & officers as bhagya-vidhata. 

Entire banking fraternity, whether in job or retired, is in deep crisis of which none else is responsible, but their own professional rogues & thugs. Under circumstances, banking fraternity must be made to know, otherwise there is no way out to survive.

22.7.2020 MOU confirms, all is not well. It brings total disbelief, causes uncertainties and inflicts gravious wound to bank men interest. Of course, it happens with the consent and concurrence of Major Trade Unions, of which you are one.

Mr. Dutta, you know done can't be undone. You suffer from severe trust & credibility deficits. In UFBU you have no say at all. IBA too does not hold you any more a serious stake holder in process. You hold a gun, but no bullet.

However, people are interested to know your reaction in (i) wages, as per code bill, (ii) 5 days week, (iii) merger of Special allowance in basics (iv) pension revision etc. Some of big Unions have termed MOU as very significant achievement, given the pandemic, crash of economy, undue pressure on Banking etc. But, it's a fact that 15% rise or other terms were long back offered by IBA, we mean in 30.1.2020 & in subsequent meetings before pandemic. Is there any thing new in MOU, other than status on 30.1.2020? Family Pension issue was of 10th settlement understanding, sent to govt, but once 10th settlement was signed it was kept on hold. As we told long back, IBA would make it a point of achievement of 11th settlement. See, exactly it happens. 

Vast fraternity of pensioners, whom you promised all through pension revision, anxiously awaits your words in this regard. Should they assume, you have lost the game!

Hope, you speak out your mind. People will read that in their context.


(J. N. Shukla)
National Convenor,

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Exposure of Trade Unions

फोरम आफ बैंक पेंशनर एक्टिविस्टस्
 Forum of Bank Pensioner Activists
कामये दु:खताप्तानां प्राणिनाम् आर्तिनाशनम्



       MOU DATED 22.7.2020

"ये कैसे सौदागर आये हैं मुल्क की बैंकिंग में,
सारी बैंकिंग को पंसारी की दूकान बना दिया?"

"मालूम नहीं था इतना कुछ है बैंकों में बिकनें के लिए,
सब कुछ बिक रहा है हकहकूक से लेकर जमीर तक!"

So far, we have had narrated various aspects in our  posts, Part-1, 2, 3 on MOU and as said, we shall now discuss most important facet, involving suspense, thrills, panic and treachery in this part-4. In  Part-3 we have discuss ground situations, conspiracies and eleventh hour culminations and that small organizations have had been constantly side tracked, their views suppressed and they marginalized. We have had said on all occasions earlier that UFBU, since came in existence have had caused emence credibility damages to Unions as Institution & inflicted the injustices on Banking fraternity. We reiterate it without any hitch. It's not just fiction or imagination, but on record based evidences.

After deep silence for over 4 and a half months, IBA on it's own wrote a letter to UFBU calling them for talks on 22.7.2020. Notable fact is that UFBU didn't ask for date. Look, ever since Covid-19 pandemic surfaced, IBA & UFBU, both, disappeared from radar. Issues arising out of Pandemic, were just passed on to Banks. Be it encashment of PL for PM-CARES donation or need of Standard Operating Guidelines, IBA turned it's back and absolved itself from its advisory roles. It shifted it to Banks. It resulted in Bank level different & discriminatory policies and procedures mushrooming in PSBs in this pandemic time. Still, there is no end of sufferings or any cure. Bank men have so far died in hundreds and sickness runs in thousands.

After several days silence on IBA letter and state of uncertainty as to who would and who wouldn't participate in the meeting, on 19th UFBU wrote to IBA informing travel constraints, urging to hold meeting on video conferencing. Before this in the intervening time, a news was spread across that a particular top one leader was not coming to Mumbai. However, on receipt of 19th mail, IBA planned video conferencing, to put uncertainty at end. But, strange to all, the man who made a news of 'not going', surprised all by a 'going' news. On 22.7.2020 he himself dropped in IBA/SBI Corporate Office, Mumbai along with Convenor, while rest were fixed locally in video conferencing. 

Read into aforesaid modus operandis & exercises from conspiracy angle. First, news that not coming, followed with demand of video conferencing and thus fixing all, where they were and then reaching Mumbai! Don't it all smack a sense of designed conspiracy? Only Mumbai based INBEF representative could be the other participant, whose eye account we have had given in our Part-3.

IBA called this meeting with firm determination either to have MOU on dotted lines or act upon it's Plan-B.
IBA had once worked on Plan B successfully to clear deadlock, in talks on officers Scale matter, created by AIBOC. That time, IBA came out with a plan. IBA said in a meeting of 5 workmen & 2 Officers Unions that they were ready to discuss and settle workmen demands, if workmen Unions were agreeable to it. Two Officers Unions, present, asked as to what would be of officers. IBA told in most unambiguous terms that whatever parameters were adopted for workmen settlement, on same parameters Officers demands would be dealt with. On this workmen Unions expressed their readiness. This way, IBA let AIBOC feel the ground slipping under their feet. This played well. AIBOC GS to flee like sparrow from Kolkata to Chennai to take 2 other officers on board and then Mumbai to IBA office and from there to New Delhi to meet Mr. Sunil Mehta, then Chairman, IBA, who was not deem fit to be met after AIBOC day long Dharana and then returned to Kolkata in one go to redeem his lost ground. After, this surrender, we never saw them grazing the grass or rumination, just in head down posture. Likewise, this time IBA was very clear to have MOU or implement Plan-B.

This time IBA, in case MOU on dotted lines, covering 15% increase, offered load, no 5 days week, no to Special allowance etc. was not signed, under plan Plan-B envisaged release of one  month's more salary as advance against arrears and give an ad-hoc increase in Basic Pay from July, subject to final adjustment on settlement. IBA was not interested to create any more frustration and disgustment among working fraternity.

However, this Plan-B  was some how leaked to top brass. He became restless, spent unslept night, forgot Covid19 menace and rushed to Mumbai via London with one of his accomplices. It was just a arranged show of talks in video. Script was on table and Subhash Sawant has given a vivid eye account, how it occurred and how he had to ink it, un willingly, though he was not on gun point, he cold have refused

As far Family Pension is concerned, it was a agreed issue in last settlement. It was recommended to Govt. However, IBA put a spanner in its wheel and got it with held at DFS. We think, boss had written some letter to IBA to expedite clearance. This way in dramatic recast, Family Pension is made an achievement, as per off record announcement made by Hon'ble Chairman, SBI, after MOU was inked.

Bank men should know, the fault line. It's not Bankers for sure. Faults lies other side. We may agree or not, but fact remains fact, it can't be made fiction.

It's not only Banking in Public Sector. LIC, GIC and other PSEs are also there. Do you find such frustrations and discontentments elsewhere, as it is in Banking workforces? Why so, introspect it.

By the 'actions' of Bank Unions, bankmen carry the image of most irresponsible lot. There are Unions in RBI. Have you ever seen them making news on streets? On very rare occasions!

They do serious business in their interest only with their RBI management. See them settling their issues across the table to their entire satisfaction. Most tricky issue of pension revision, they took RBI management on board, agreed, implemented and then reversed as directed by Govt. They fought in court against govt order. RBI stood with them. And, ultimately they won just by simple manifestation. Doesn't it shocks & surprises that just on 2 days mass casual leave manifestations, RBI men got their pension revision. Here in Banking, strikes after strikes don't make any headway. Bankers or government don't take your Unions seriously. Some of Unions/leaders have crook image, unfortunately they impose their whimsical decisions on right thinking Unions too.

Bank men need to note the deepening crisis in days to come. Bilateral system has collapsed & gone infructuous. UFBU has become a burden, say liability. It's NPA now. There is no hope of it's revival. Better, the company is liquidated. Look to 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th settlements and to ensuing 11th. Appraise & analyze the role of Unions under UFBU umbrella in these settlements. Why such gravious situations have emerged? Behind UFBU mask, there are small Unions crying, weeping and shedding their tears. They know the culprits within UFBU, but we don't know the reason of their helplessness not to protest, revolt and reject. They must come out with facts. Bank men shall welcome and honor them. Why should they die a coward death? Better, be martyr!


( J. N. Shukla)
National Convenor


फोरम आफ बैंक पेंशनर एक्टिविस्टस्
 Forum of Bank Pensioner Activists
कामये दु:खताप्तानां प्राणिनाम् आर्तिनाशनम् ।

"बैंक नेताओं के गिरगिट की तरह बदलते रंग"
बैंककर्ममियों का "शुतुरमुर्गी चरित्र" !!

"bad money drives out good." 
-Sir Thomas Gresham, 1519-1579

"खोटे सिक्के असली सिक्कों को प्रचलन 
से बाहर कर देते हैं"

ऐसा होते देखा गया है. कभी देश में चांदी के सिक्के थे. बाद में, धातु के सिक्कों नें उन्हे प्रचलन से बाहर कर दिया. यह तो अर्थशास्त्र में मुद्रा से जुड़ी बातें है. हमारा मक्सद तो बैंक यूनियनों को लेकर है. हम उन्हे मुद्रागत पहचान से जोड़ कर कुछ कहना चाहते हैं. 9 यूनियनें हैं, कुछ बड़ी जो वाकई बड़ा मूल्य रखती हैं और कुछ छोटी, जो कम मूल्य रखती हैं. अर्थात कम या ज्यादा पकड़! बड़ी यूनियनें 2000 के नोट की तरह हैं और छोटी यूनियनें  500 रूपये की तरह. 2000 रूपये की कटेगरी में एन.सी.बी.ई. और ए.आई.बी.ई.ए., दो कर्मचारी यूनियनें हैं और एक अधिकारी संवर्ग की ए.आई.बी.ओ.सी. है. बाजार इन्हीं की है. वर्चस्व इन्ही का है. डिक्टेट यही करतींं हैं. शेष 6 यूनियनें, 3 कर्मचारियों की और 3 अधिकारियों की, 500 रूपये की कटेगरी की हैं. सब मिलाकर एक चौथाई भी नहीं! एक मुंबई की सेना है, उसका नाम न लें तो उसे अच्छा नहीं लगेगा, क्योंकि आई.बी.ए. ने उसे मान्यता दे रखी है और वह भी हर समझौते पर हस्ताक्षर करती है. यह बात अलग है कि उसे 9 की  क्लब में घुसनें की इजाजत नहीं है, जैसे कभी बेफी, एन.ओ.बी.डब्ल्यू. तथा अन्य छोटी यूनियनों को नहीं था. या, ब्रिटिश काल में बहुत से ऐसे होटल, रेस्तरां, क्लब थे, जहां लिखा होता था: 'इंडियन डाग्स आर नाट एलाउड'. बहरहाल, मैजारिटैरियन आतंक छोटी यूनियनों पर है, उनकी अनदेखी, उन्हें अनसुना ये तीन यूनियनें तो करती ही हैं और इसी तरीके से आई.बी.ए. भी पेश आता है. अब तो दर्द छलकनें लगा है, पीड़ा कराह में बदल चुकी है और चीख पुकार मची है, पर ईश्वर ही जाने इनका भ्रम कब टूटेगा और इनका आत्मसम्मान कब जागेगा और कब ये बेआबरू होकर कूचे से निकलेंगे, कुछ कहा नहीं जा सकता!

हमारा एक छोटा सा सवाल है. अगर 2000 के नकली नोट बाजार में प्रचलन में आ जाएं, तो जनता को क्या करना चाहिए? उत्तर तो यही होगा कि जनता को 2000 की नोट, जिसमें नकली होने का अंदेशा है,  को स्वीकार नहीं करना चाहिए. उसे 500 की नोट का इश्तेमाल करना चाहिए!  बैंककर्ममियों को क्या अब भी समझ में नहीं आ रहा है कि 2000 रूपये की कटगरी की यूनियनें जाली करेंसी की तरह हो चुकीं और उन्हें अब इसे जेब में रखने का जोखिम नहीं लेना चाहिए? बैंककर्मीं, अधीनस्थ को छोड़कर, क्या क्लर्क या क्या अधिकारी, सब उच्च शिक्षा प्राप्त लोग हैं, कड़ी मेहनत, तैयारी और योग्यता के बल पर बैंकिंग सेवा में आए हैं. उनके पास कड़े से कड़े सवालों के हल करने की क्षमता  है. वे तर्कशील हैं और स्वयं का ही नहीं बल्कि देश और समाज के हित की बात समझते हैं. ईमानदार और कठिन परिश्रमीं हैं. ऐसे में उनका चुप रहना अजीब सा लगता है. कड़ी मेहनत और ईमानदारी से काम करने के बाद जब वेतन और सुविधाओं का सवाल आता है, तो पैसा न होनें के नाम पर पल्ला झाड़ने का हथकंडा अपनाया जाता है. एक बार अगर यह हथकंडा बैंकर्स अपनायेंं, तो समझा जा सकता है, लेकिन ये हथकंडा तो 2000 रूपये की कटगरी की यूनियनें अपना रही हैं. 

यूनियनें चंदा तो  सदस्यों से खाती हैं, लेकिन बजाती बैंकर्स की हैं! पता नहीं, बैंकर्स ने कौन सी घुट्टी पिला रखा है? एक 2000 की ब्रैंड वाली यूनियन ने तो अभी हाल ही में यहां तक  कह दिया कि बैंककर्मीं सबसे अच्छा, अर्थात सर्वोच्च, वेतन पाते हैं और वह भी काम के कम घंटे का. सवाल लाजमी है: अगर सर्वोत्तम वेतन पा रहे हैं, तो और वेतन क्यों मांगा जा रहा है? काम के घंटे कम हैं तो क्या बढ़ाने की मंशा है या उसकी भूमिका बनाई जा रही है?  भूमिका क्यों बना रहे हो? 2000 वाली यूनियनों के नेता बैंकों में काम तो करते नहीं, कब आयेंगें या नहीं आयेंगे कोई पता नहीं. लेकिन, काम के घंटे कम हैंं! लेकिन, इसे तो अदालतों ने तय किए हैं. यह मजबूरी है, वरना काम के घंटे भी कब के बढ़ा दिये गये होते!

हम वह मजबूरी नहीं समझ पा रहे है जिसके कारण बैंककर्मीं ये 2000 रूपये की जाली नोटें जेब में डाले इठलाते रहते  हैं, जब कि इनके बल पर कोई सौदा नहीं हो रहा है. सामनें वाला, अर्थात बैंकर्स, बड़ा आढ़ती कारोबारी है. वह जानता है, खोटे सिक्कों की वास्तविक कीमत और यही कारण है कि समझौता दर समझौता, अर्थात सौदा दर सौदा, बैंककर्ममियों को घटिया माल सप्लाई हो रहा है. कीमत ज्यादा ली जा रही है, माल कम दिया जा यहा है, घटतौलिया हो रही है और कहनें में कोई कोताही नहीं होती कि जो मिल रहा है वह वर्तमान परिस्थितियों में शानदार है, कल्पनातीत और सर्वश्रेष्ठ है. दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण बात तो यह है कि 2000 कटगरी की यूनियनें अपना गाल बजा रही हैं और उनके समर्थक बैंककर्मीं ताली!

2000 रूपये वाले बैंककर्ममियों को गुमान है कि जो माल मिला है, वह उनकी 2000 की नोंटों के नाते मिला है, लेकिन हकीकत यह है कि जो सौदा हो रहा है वह 500 की नोटो के एवज में हो रहा है. समझें या न समझें, पर हकीकत तो यही है. याद होगा, पेंशन के दूसरे विकल्प की लागत को पूर्व पेंशन आप्टीज से भी वसूलने का समझौता हो रहा था, जिसका विरोध 500 कटगरी की यूनियनों ने किया कि पूर्व पेंशन आप्टियों पर इसका भार क्यों डाला जाए. जब वे समझौता न साइन करने पर अड़ गये, तब संबंधित क्लाज को बदला गया और शर्त आई की पेंशन फंड पर पड़ रहे भार की वसूली नये विकल्पियों से ही होगी.

हम अपने अग्रलेखों में, बैंककर्ममियों की तिरोहित होती संगठनात्मक क्षमता पर बहुत कुछ लिखा है, आगाह करते हुए आंखें खोलने की गुजारिश किए है! लेकिन, लोग हैं कि "यूनियनों के गिरगिट की तरह बदलते रंग"  पर "शुतुरमुर्गी चरित्र" अपनाए हुए हैं. अब तो साधारण सी बात, सामान्य से वादविवाद, कहासुनी, जो कार्यक्षेत्र में हर समय होती रहती है, को रंग देनें और उसे अपराध का दर्जा देनें का काम हो रहा है. इसे "ग्रास मिस्कंडक्ट" की श्रेणी में लाकर "डिसमिसल" की सजा का प्रावधान किया जा रहा है. अब हर बैंक कर्मीं के कान तो खुले रहेंगें, लेकिन ओठों पर पट्टी लगाने का काम हो रहा है.

जागो तो बेहतर है, वरना 'आराम बड़ी चीज है, मुंह ढक कर सोइए', दैव योग से जो होगा वह होगा ही, लेकिन कुछ अनहोनी होने पर दैव दैव पुकारनें का कोई मतलब नहीं होता. 

"आषाढ़ का चूका किसान और डाल का चूका बंदर" कहीं का नहीं रहता।” फाँसी से बचाने के लिए दी गई आज्ञा यदि समय पर नहीं पहुँचती तो कितना बड़ा अनर्थ हो सकता है. लखपति व्यापारी समय से चूक जाने से भिखारी बन सकता है। पाँच मिनट देर से स्टेशन पर पहुँचने से गाड़ी छूट जाती है और सारे कार्यक्रम धूल में मिल जाते हैं। परीक्षा में थोड़ी देर से पहुँचने पर छात्र परीक्षा से हाथ धो बैठता है। अत: समय के दुरुपयोग से हमें सदैव बचना चाहिए। पर बैंककर्मीं हैं की पहेलियों में उलझे हुए हैं. "सहमति करार" पर मिलनेवाली रेजगारी गिनने में लग गए हैं. आजकी बैंककर्मीं पीढ़ी कितनीं समझदार हो गई है, वह भूल चुकी है कि उसके पूर्वजों ने उनके कल की आधारशिला को सर्वोपरि रखते हुए काम किया था. बैंकिंग को एक बेहतर और सम्मानपूर्ण रोजगार के अवसर के रूप में बदलनें का काम किया, जिससे वे आज यहां हैं और फलफूल रहे हैं. सेवानिवृत्त बैंककर्ममियों को लेकर उनकी क्या सोच है, यह किसी से छुपी नहीं है. कल वे भी सेवानिवृत्त होंगे. तब उन्हे संभवतः उनकी आज की खुदगर्जी याद आए, लेकिन तब तक बहुत देर हो चुकी होगी!

यह पोस्ट 22.7.2020 के "सहमति के करार" पर जारी श्रृंखला भाग 1, 2, 3 की रपट से इतर है. श्रृंखला का अगला भाग 4 शीघ्र जारी होगा. उसमें उस सच्चाई से पर्दा उठेगा, जिसे पढ़कर बैंककर्ममियों के होश फाख्ता हो जाएंगे. बैंकर्स की वह प्लान-बी, जिसनें नेता खास की नींद उड़ा दी!

( - जे.एन.शुक्ला, प्रयागराज, 28.7.20)

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Bank Unions And Their Money Power


Kindly read the below article where J. N. Shukla discuss in detail.

फोरम आफ बैंक पेंशनर एक्टिविस्टस्
 Forum of Bank Pensioner Activists
कामये दु:खताप्तानां प्राणिनाम् आर्तिनाशनम् ।


Bank Unions' Trade



RS. 640,00,00,000
- an additional periodical dose

The Bank men are simple & innocent guys, live in very isolation & seclusive atmosphere, say unaware of many facts around, which, we think, they must know, since they form the axis of activities, be it banking or Unions. They must know Banking, since they have to run it. They must know products & services because they have to trade in and ensure effective delivery. They must know rules and regulations of business with a view to adhere them to keep the Bank & himself safe. At the same time, they must know the history of Banking, from it's primitive age to present day modern Technology driven Banking.

Since Banking is well organised, regulated and institutionalized industry, it's work force spread across the country have organised themselves under trade Unions with a view to safe guard themselves from un toward actions. Further, Unions have been looked upon as an instrument of change, in organized set of trade, industries & services, thus they hold great importance.

The Bank men Union history is over 7 decade old. Primarily, it started from workmen cadre, since it was lowest rungs of piramid. Officers were taken as HMV. Masters used them to manage the operations and work force.

However, after nationalization of 14 major commercial banks in 1969, officer community too started thinking to have some organized set-up. This way, today, banking work force upto General Manager level is unionized.

Today, there are 10 Unions of work men & officers recognized in Banking. Nine of these Unions are under one CLUB, called UFBU. One Mumbai based Sena Union remains out. The CLUB is managed by a Convenor who takes cares of club members as to what would there be in drinks- tea, coffee, cold drinks or liquors of which brand-foods in breakfasts, lunch, refreshments, & dinners. 

This set up, Club, was created to adjust inter Union conflicts & squabbles, which was the order of the day till mid-1990s. Earlier, all were free or grouped, engaged in peeping into others or raising others tail to expose gender. It was thought, inner conflicts & squabbles were counter productive, exposing one or other. Just to resolve this equation, Club was formed and now none of them neither peep into nor raise one's tail. All are attuned and speak in one language, one content as told by IBA. It was an alliance per force, call it as device to show a common face in banking fraternity.

The PSBs Unions have over 10 lakh members. Cadre-wise strength stands around as under:

Officers-     4.25  lakks
Clerks-        3.75  lakhs
Sub-staff-   2.00  lakhs
Total-         10.00 lakhs 

Monthly Subscription Rates:

Officers-.     @ Rs.200.00 per member
Clerks-.        @ Rs.100.00 per member
Sub-staff.    @ Rs.  60.00 per member

Monthly Cadre-wise Subs Revenue:

Officers:  425000×200 = Rs.850,00,000
Clerk:.      375000×100 = Rs.375,00,000
Sub staff:200000×  60 = Rs.120,00,000

TOTAL SUBS Per Month: Rs.13,45,00,000

Annual Turnover:

Rs.1345,00,000×12= Rs.161,40,00,000/=

We need not to explain twin formats that Bank Union have as their set up. One set is all India Bank wise Unions, their State bodies followed with District units. Second set is all India Banks Union like NCBE, AIBEA etc, their State Federation & District Units. They all get share from the aforesaid corpse.

In addition, they collect 4% levy from wage revision arrears. Further, they collect funds in the name of periodical meetings & conferences. Every wage settlement has an average of 30 months arrears. Just take for example. This year ending 31.3.2020, PSBs' Balance sheets  have shown Rs.16,000 crores as arrear provisions. At 4% it works out as Rs.640 crores.

We never saw any bankmen raising any question on expenditures whenever Income & Expenditures of Unions are placed. Always it's pass pass & pass. It's  cult or culture, we leave it to bank men to adjudge, but as facts reveal, one is master of loath of his share. At individual level it's just matter of Rs. 60, 100 or 200 rupees per month, but in system it converts into gigantic pile up of wealth, as shown above, on which leaders preside.

In other words, bank men are unaware of Unions economic power over which their leaders sit as vultures. Leaders have become professionals, akin to politician. Study of various state/bankwise/all India organizations reveal that cause of inner conflicts are very common on money grounds. Greater the money: bitter the conflicts! Here too, purse controls the union politics. Leaders at apex, keep their own people in perpetual conflicts allowing them to cut each others throats. They patronize, promote and pamper inner conflicts to secure their unquestioned monarchies. Raising a question is taken as blasphemy, though Unions profess democracy that means freedom to impressions & expressions. It's the game, Oldmen play to remain Goldmen for life long.

It's very easy to understand such money game of pass pass. Collection is 100% guaranteed, under check-off system. In early days, it was being collected in cash from member to member. 

In net shell, crux of issue is that it's MONEY that matters now. Some of Unions have forbidden retired entry. Some Unions have restricted top positions for 2 terms only. While, some Unions have left the task to nature. This 'nature' tendencies are playing havoc in Unions.  Such leaders preach for cadre building, leadership promotion. It's just befooling trick. Question is: how without uncorking the bottle, contents can be poured out? These retired people are like corcks. If really Unions want cadre, leadership development, they must have a succession policy and atleast remove one once he is retired from service.

'You can't have your cake and eat it too' is an old proverb. Unions can't have good cadre and leadership, if they don't have clear succession policy. Unions are live institutions. They must remain vibrant, that's virtually need young and energetic leadership at the helm of affairs. Don't depend on 'nature' to take such decisions, by that time it used to very late and ruinous. It turns out to be a chronic disease. It's prevalence over long time, damages all internal organs of body as a whole. Bank men know it, but just they are holding to their chest the dead corpses. We need not to name, which are worst hit Unions, which are run as Monastery by monks, really not by true representatives of bank men.

(J. N. Shukla)
National Convenor

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Working on Updation of Pension

Following  message is collected from. Facebook and posted here for all.

Working on updation of Pension

1.   Mass recruitment in Banks started from the year 1969, before which number of staff was very less in Banks.
2.   Mass Recruitment was stopped from the year 1982.
3.   Again Recruitment started from the year 2010.
4.   Staff joined on or after the year 2010 is covered under separate Pension Scheme, namely NPS.
5.   Pension Fund is a closed Fund after the year 2010, which means that there are/will not be any new entrant after the year 2010.

6.   *Pension fund balance as on 31.03.2018 was Rs. 2.40 lakhs crores.*

7.   *In the year 2017-18, interest earned on the Pension Fund was Rs. 18,400 crores, i.e. average rate of interest is 8%.*

8.   *In the year 2017-18, Pension of Rs. 14,800 crores was disbursed.*

Assumptions based past facts:-
1.   Pension Disbursement will increase by average compound rate of 5% every year due to DA increase.
2.   Pension fund will earn same rate of interest i.e. 8% p.a., henceforth.
3.   The average life of present pensioners is further 15 years from the year 2018, i.e upto the year 2033.
4.   The surplus funds available from the balance of pensioners died before the year 2033, will be available for disbursement of pension to the pensioners surviving after the year 2033.

1.   Working of position of Pension fund with above facts and assumption is shown in Table A.

2.   Working of position of Pension fund with updation with average rise of 22% in the year 2020 and further 15% rise after every 5 years is shown in Table B.

3.   Average 22% rise means
(i) 15% rise to retirees before the year 2020,
(ii) 17.50% rise to retirees before the year 2015,
(iii) 21% rise to retirees before the year 2010,
(iv) 24.50% rise to retirees before the year 2005, and
(v) 28% rise to retirees before the year 2000.

1.   From Table A, it is clear that with normal rise of DA, huge surplus of Rs. 1,95,022 crores in pension fund will be available with the Banks in the year 2033. This surplus is many times more than the funds required for payment of pension to the pensioners surviving after the year 2033.

2.   From Table B, it is clear that even periodic updation as above is granted, present funds are sufficient upto the end of year 2033, when most of the Pensioners have said good bye to this world. The surplus funds available of the balance of pensioners died before the year 2033, will be available for disbursement of pension to the pensioners surviving after the year 2033.

Thus, the contention of IBA that Pension funds are not sufficient for up-gradation, is false. On the contrary, Banks would not be required to contribute anything in present as well as in subsequent BPS for upgradation of Pension. If the Banks contribute something, more liberal upgradation may be possible. (Source – BankPensioner)



Ex-Manager, Union Bank of India &
Former Director (GOI Nominee) e-State Bank of Travancore
Nandanam, Kesari Junction, N Paravur, Kerala -683513
No.200726                                                                                    26th July, 2020

The General Secretary,
Bank Employees’ Federation of India (BEFI),
3 Radha Bazar Lane, Kolkatta – 700 001

XIth Bipartite Settlement

It makes everyone happy that while those who declared that they would not sign the BPS unless retiree issues are settled became roll-models by taking “U”- turn and signing the settlement, BEFI befittingly stayed away from signing it and became role model though the abstinence was on other grounds.   The act of BEFI was stellar and remarkable and other organisations were failing to deliver goods as trade unions.
Tracing the origin of BEFI, I remember that in the seventies, while AIBEA that was dominating the trade union scenario was not performing on several parameters, people including me fell apart in 1973 and afterwards joined BEFI that originated in 1982.  The splinter group was assembling at Madras Cafe auditorium, Kochi.  So it gave me immense pleasure that the organization BEFI is now upholding the cause of employees in the right direction.  It is my wish that BEFI champions the cause of employees and retirees who are former members.

While remaining under the umbrella union UFBU, BEFI was also sustaining a pitfall in signing the Joint Note dated 27.042010 agreeing to the unlawful contribution of 2.8 times revised pay for November 2007 from serving employees and 56 percent of CPF from retired employees to the Pension Funds of banks and for forfeiting pension from the date of retirement to 27.11.2009 for granting an option for pension afresh.   The frills were inconsistent with Pension Scheme and hence void in law.  Ministry of Finance was according sanction for implementing the Joint Note knowing well that it was an administrative instruction which is unsustainable.  IBA and banks had breached conclusion 10 of the Joint Note whereby the Pension Regulations were to be amended by following the due procedure in law of amending them, rendering the act challengeable.
The Pension (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 brought in by banks makes it explicit vide clause 1 (2) of it that clause 3 (b) of it relating to the contribution to Pension Fund, clause 8 (b) of it relating to payment of pension from 27.11.2009 can come into effect, even assuming as valid, only on the date of the notification in the gazette of India and establishes that banks were guilty in having raised the contributions and in having denied  pension from the date of retirement of the employee to 27.11.2009 on the basis of the Joint Note dated 27.04.2010.  This apart, the clauses 3 (b) and 8 (b) of the notification cannot evolve as valid amendments to regulations as they are inconsistent with the Pension Scheme and impermissible under the Banking Companies (Acquisition & Transfer of  Undertakings) Act, 1970.  The act of banks in raising the contribution and denying pension till 27.11.2009 on the basis of the Joint Note was corrupt and easily challengeable.

 The Pension Scheme in banks was agreed to be on the lines of that obtaining in Reserve Bank of India in terms of clause 6 and 12 of the memorandum of settlement dated 29.10.1993 on pension concluded by IBA so far as relating to payment of pension, amount of pension, updating, general conditions etc. Now Ministry of Finance, vide letter F No.11/5/2001-IR dated 26th June, 2020 granted another option to employees of Reserve Bank of India to join Pension Scheme without the contribution to Pension Fund from serving and retired employees and without losing pension for any period to the retired employees.  This too makes imperative that similar option has to be granted in public sector banks also either through fresh administrative instructions or by deeming the options extended on the basis of the Joint Note as options for the purpose of the regulations.      In either case, it is inevitable that the unlawful contributions raised to pension fund is refunded and pension from the date of retirement to 27.11.2009 is released with interest to those concerned.

It is germane in this context that vide clause 4 of the Pension (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 it is notified that employees who ceased to be in service after 29.09.1995 after rendering minimum service of 15 years are entitled to join Pension Fund.  When they are granted the notified benefit, they become entitled to pension from the date of retirement and without the contribution to the Pension Fund.  But the notified benefit is remaining unpaid.

Likewise, vide clause 8 (a) of the Pension Amendment Regulations, 2017, notification, it is notified that employees to whom provisions of either regulation 34 or regulation 46 is inapplicable are entitled to pension from the date following the date of their retirement. In the wake of this, pension is payable to such employees from the date following the date of their retirement inescapably. 

 Coming to updating of pension which is remaining undone ever since the inception of the Pension Scheme in spite of regulation 35 (1) postulating that “Basic Pension and additional pension, wherever applicable shall be updated ……” and regulation 56 making it crystal clear that the Pension Scheme in banks is exactly on the premise of Central Civil Pension which gets formally updated with the implementation of each Pay Commission without any provision in Central Civil Pension Scheme, requiring updating of pension in banks simultaneous with each bipartite settlement, it is a major lapse on the part of any organization worth its name to remain inert on the want of updating of pension in banks. 

It is also pertinent that the pension in RBI was revised with effect from 01.04.2019 requiring similar updating in public sector banks also since the memorandum of settlement dated 29.10.1993 on pension postulates that the pension scheme in banks shall be on the lines of RBI Pension Scheme.  But the pension in public sector banks ought to be revised from time to time with retrospective effect in view of specific provisions under regulation 35 (1) and regulations 56 therefor.  Non-revision of pension is in derogation of the Pension Regulations in force.

Besides what are aforesaid, the ruling dated 01.07.2015 of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Civil Appeal No.1123 of 2015 viz. State of Rajasthan & Anr. Vs. Mehendranath Sharma commands that pension shall not be lesser than 50 percent of the running pay bands corresponding to the pre-revised scales of pay making it imperative that pension is determined and paid at 50 percent of the revised pay at any point of time.    The act of the Ministry of Finance in permitting the updating of pension in RBI with prospective effect and subjecting further updating subject to previous sanction from it is in gross disregard to the law laid down by the Apex Court.   It is pertinent that the ruling in Civil Appeal 1123 of 2015 was emanating in a scenario where pension is with a cost to “state” and the denial of pension in banks is without cost either to the banks or to the government as pension is payable out of Pension Funds which comprise the money, property and deferred wages of employees and the Pension Funds of all banks have the potentials to pay two to four times the present pension to all the pensioners.

The Pension (Amendment) Regulations, 2017 has, vide clause 3 of it excluded employees who joined service after 31.03.2010 from the Pension Scheme.  This makes it explicit that such exclusion can come into operation from the date of the notification of the amendment regulations and not before, whereas banks have, on the basis of the Joint Note excluded then from the Pension Scheme from 2010.    Since such exclusion is impermissible under sections 19.1 and 19.4 of the Banking Companies (Acquisition& transfer of Undertakings  Act,  Banks are bound to bring back from the New Pension Scheme the contributions so far paid to it on behalf of the employees who joined service after 31.03.2010 and to reinstate them in the original Pension Scheme.

All the foregoing are brought to surface so that they shall not go unnoticed by BEFI for demanding appropriated corrigendum measures for restoring righteousness.   BEFI, an organization with purpose, can get things done easily by taking them up with IBA or filing a writ petition in case IBA is not acceding to the request.
With sincere regards,,
Yours faithfully,


An Open Letter to AIBOC

Following letter is in circulation on Facebook. I do not know who is writer of this letter.


Dear MR. Dutta,

Greetings of the day ---  greetings  for crucifying the retirees’ will, desire and legitimate demands of pension revision etc. ----- greetings for barricading the road of the retirees and their families  to get  treatment in hospitals at the fag end of their life ---    greetings for eating your own word for downgrading  your honesty, sincerity and  integrity  in the eyes of lakh and lakh of retirees who started to consider you as the last refuge and  greetings for bringing yourself to the level of your counterpart.

Being cheated by UFBU in 2015 in such a manner which is not common in a civilized society like ours ( on which AIBOC had also played a decisive role ) , we were at a loss and trying to find out the remedial measure. Then you appeared before us as Lord Krishna and declared in an unequivocal fashion that AIBOC would not sign the Record Note unless the retirees’ issues are settled. We, the fool retirees , believed you  despite having bitter experience of being cheated and robbed by the leaders of your  UFBU .

Let us go back to the days prior to 25-05-2015 when you signed the BLACK NOTE ( an appropriate term to the retirees for RECORD NOTE).

We are not going to describe how the other side of the coin tested the retirees’ killing virus manufactured in the UFBU’s laboratory in 2015  ; for, you took the same sample  from the same laboratory and successfully tested its efficiency in 2019 too. Congratulation for your grand success !!!!!

 Now, we describe how we were betrayed , cheated and robbed.

MR. CHV gave us the assurance in the same fashion in 2015 as you assured us in 2019. In 2015 , nothing was done for the existing retirees and future retirees were crucified by not taking into account the Special Pay in superannuation causing an average loss of pension around Rs.1500/ pm.,  AND we were robbed when the domiciliary cover was denied after ACCEPTING PREMIUM ON EXPLICIT CONDITION THAT THE SAME WOULD BE COVERED. As it was incorporated in BPS / BLACK NOTE , we believed it , and opted out from our respective insurance cover. But, when we claimed domiciliary expenses incurred by us , to our utter surprise, we were denied and were told that there was no such clause in the policy document. In stead of launching agitation and filing suit , whether civil or criminal ,  you went on hibernation . You are aware that  AIBPARC passed a resolution and requested you , at least, to arrange to return that amount of the premium which were considered as the price of domiciliary cover. Don’t know whether under your threat or otherwise, AIBPARC deleted only that part from their letter to you. This shows you knew from the very beginning that domiciliary cover would not be available --- yet IBA & Banks circulated it in their websites. SHAME ! SHAMME ! SHAME!!   This shows your unholy nexus in cheating and robbing the retirees. Do you know the extent of sufferings of the retirees by this invention in the laboratory of UFBU under the guidance of IBA? Poor retirees were under the cover of their respective scheme prior to 2015 . The moment they opted out ,  all privileges such retirees were entitled  had been forfeited and thus they were forced to be in the IBA’s Health Insurance Scheme .  Your laboratory also took care of the future income --- under the cover of ICR , the premium become spiral and has reached to such a level where not a single subordinate staff are under this scheme . Had Mirzaffar been alive , he would also salute you for your mastery on cheating, robbing and conspiracy.

However, you know more than what we  told hereinabove , because all pros and cons of conspiracy does not come in light.

We request you to let us know whether the volume of blood of the retirees  you estimated to suck  has been consumed by you . If not, consume the rest amount at the earliest.

When such volume will be completely  consumed , please do any one of following three :--

(i) Revise the relevant clause of BEPRA, 1995 where power to negotiate on the retirees’ issues were vested only with the in service unions ;

(ii) Arrange a coaching class organized by the  United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers & Employees , and attend those classes sincerely. We think, retirees will bear that cost.

(iii) Leave BPS , go for Pay Commission.


Saturday, July 25, 2020

MOU Between IBA and Bank Unions DATED 22.7.2020

       MOU DATED 22.7.2020

In last 2 days, we have received numerous questions & queries from banking fraternity from across the country with regard to Memorandum of Understanding signed between UFBU Unions ( baring one) and IBA on 22.7.2020. We have to say as under:

1. It has been done by Unions under extreme pressure & dictate of IBA; do it otherwise IBA would do 'something' on its own accord. IBA, obviously with concurrence of authorities, had made up it's mind that in case MOU is not signed on dotted lines, it would move forward and release one month's more advance against arrears & give ad-hoc increase in basic pay from July, 2020. The authorities were no more in tolerant mood to keep it aflame any more & tormenting the mind of banking fraternity.

2. MOU has nothing to surprise. It's just reached out dated. It should have been done on 30th January, 2020 itself, when 15% rise condition set by Unions was met with by IBA. 15% rise demand was set by Unions as an 'unachievable' condition to withdraw 2 days strike of 31st January-1st Feb.2020, having applied their mind and reached to unanimous decision. But, once IBA conceded 15% increase, they were withered & turned their back, of course without cogent reasons. It was a sabotage to themselves.

3. MOU is on expected line. It's not an achievement of Unions. It's on the strength of 'good will' of employees & officers that they 'earned' over last 6 years by their work & conduct, definitely under extremely difficult conditions. Just make a self appraisal. Despite, entire PSBs in Red for several consecutive years & bulging NPAs, the authorities concurred with 15% wage increase. See other side. In 2015, 15% rise was given at the intervention of FM, when all Banks were in rosy picture. This time in most gloomy financial conditions, unparalleled in history, 15% rise has been accorded, which the Unions put forward, assuming as unachievable. It has been in a simplest way, because the authorities have been in hilarious mood with bank men performance in most difficult phase of time, be it demonetization, Jan-dhan accounts, health/life insurance, Atal Pension Yojana, direct transfer of benefits, Mudra Yojana or in present day Covid19 uninterrupted banking services & implementation of economic packages etc.

4. It's one Chapter. It is dealt with. We think, working fraternity, must feel contended, particularly in a situation where there Unions were strategically very poorly dressed up. They took a prima facie view of red balance sheets, losses and were succumbed to Bankers strategy of 2% initial increase offer. Unions were stuck here. It was a trap that Bankers laid. Another trap was officers' scale issue, which created a fury among Unions, divided them and IBA got biggest Officers' Union AIBOC trapped in and thrashed brutally. AIBOC was silenced through different methods. IBA treats Officers' Unions as their cat and it doesn't like, this cat go out of bag.

5. If Unions having powers of united actions have failed in working fraternity matters, how could retirees expect any deal for them is a point of another self appraisal. Family pension was settled long back, but held up till date. So, Chairman SBI opened his lip, just to send a feel good message. Pertinent question is: who are beneficiaries? It's those who were in executive class with high salary, so they had to face ceilings. This goes in their favour. It's going to benefit only 10 to 15 thousand pensioners, not bunch of 72000 family pensioners as acclaimed by a puppet Pensioner Federation.

6. We think, Bank pensioners are aware of false words the leader of biggest workmen Union gave & declared  not to sign 10th settlement without pension revision. This time, biggest officers' Unions had made roaring announcements during their 2 days strikes, Delhi Dharana etc that they would not sign 11th settlement without pension revision. Such opportunistic averments are just appeasement. It just rubs salt on wounds. MOU doesn't have any 'pension' word leave 'revision'.

This is one part of our reaction. In nut shell, whatever is there that's not because of Unions, but because of good will that bank men earned by their exemplary work & conduct. Unions succumbed to circumstantial traps of Bankers, which IBA used, as their strategy. On 22.7.2020, Unions were under extreme pressure and compulsions with no alternative except to sign on dotted line, except one. One- it may come on line after some flutter. Travel to Mumbai was 'control' and 'save' from offing great showdown.

Further, to our post dated 24.7.2020 and as promised therein, we issue this post as Part-2 on subject cited above. It's not only for information, but for in-depth introspection at all level, rising above personal affiliations & parochial considerations in terms of gains and losses.

Bankmen must take in view their long term prospectives, as their over confidence landed them in most chaotic conditions. Bank men should no more indulge in flattery, halt their fissiparous tendencies and read the writings on walls. Every present Bankmen shall have a post retirement life of over 2 decades. If they ignore their superannuated breatherens today, time will not spare them, there will be none to care them tomorrow.

Wage revision in banking is a periodical exercise. The experience tells, it is always dragged in such a manner that ultimately it frustrates, tires and defeats the employees & officers. Always, in last moments, some unexpected derogatory conditions are set in which jeopardize the vital interests.

Just for reference look to 7th settlement, it deviced two scales- one to draw salary other to fix pension. After lot of hue & cry, in 8th settlement it was termed as 'aberrations' and removed, from May, 2005. An anamoly for April, 1998 to April, 2005 was caused, to address that the bank men had to go up to Supreme Court. Still full justice is not achieved. In 9th settlement, in 2nd Pension option matter, procedures pertaining to recovery of CPF with specific 6% p.a. interest, pension from date of retirement as contained in Pension Regulations, 1995 was subsituted by new rules, hitting adversely. In 10th settlement laudable announcement was made by biggest constituent of UFBU, obviously we believe it was with due concurrence of all Unions being a common issue, that it wouldn't  sign 10th settlement without Pension revision. On 25.5.2015, what to say of revision, Unions subscribed their signature to a 'Record Note' that inter alia terminated the 'contractual relationships' of Pensioners with their respective Banks.

It was a death certificate of 'relationships' signed by all Unions-IBA. Further, in obituary note, Unions agreed to segregate a portion of basic pay, i.e. 7.50+, call that Special Allowance, de-linked from superannuation benefits. It was repeatation of same blunder as of 1616/1684 in 7th settlement, with sole intention to curtail Pension from 1.11.2012.

In nut shell, right from 7th to 10th settlement spread over a period of 20 years, it's always pension under hit selectively.

The Unions say, Pension Scheme is their brain child, they are the father of Scheme. But, it leaves behind a landmark question, why these parents want to have a crippled child-Pension? Some time child's finger is chopped, some time it's diet is cut, some time medicines are denied and in 2010 they chopped the Pension head for ever. Now Pensioners become mortal remains. You see, Pensioners never allowed to grow. But, they shamelessly say, pension is their child.

Banks were giving some medical support to retirees. Unions helped Bankers to stop it and bring in place mediclaim insurance policy with laudable objectives in 2015. Retirees had to bear the cost. Bank level medical support was withdrawn. Costs of mediclaim insurance have had  increased 5 times by 5th year. Dropp outs crossed 75%. It crossed all limits, when Bankers denied it from Welfare Funds, despite DFS sanction dated 24.2.2012.

Now, let us come to another episode of MOU dated 22.7.2020. In same context, let us now examine the stand of BEFI, another player in UFBU, who didn't sign MOU on grounds they mentioned in their Circular to members dated 22.7.2020.

At the out set, we would like to set our view point straight. BEFI should have conveyed it's view points that prevented them to sign MOU to Chairman, IBA in writing. If not so, they should have lodged their dissent with UFBU. Ultimately, they have strong reasons behind their decision. Further, BEFI had such stands in past, but later requested IBA to take their signature. They shall do it again. It's their DNA So, there is nothing to give it importance, except to the extent it states facts.

The BEFI circular reveals, 'in successive negotiations & UFBU meetings' they expressed their firm commitment towards issues of retirees 'particularly' in regard to pension. It further states, ' in the matter of improvement of family pension, it was stated by IBA that recommendation has been sent to govt for necessary approval.'

BEFI wanted, the IBA Chairman's narrative that they agree in principle for increase of family pension to 30% with out ceiling be mentioned in MOU, which was not done. BEFI alleged, IBA didn't share any data for actuarial calculation despite 'assurances' given during the talks. BEFI states, 'of late, they (IBA)proposed for ad-hoc increase (in pension) to which BEFI expressed princpled opposition.

BEFI levelled serious allegations stating that 'none of these came into serious discussion due to indifferent attitude of negotiating committee of IBA.' It's strange, no such facts are in the eye of rest Unions. BEFI says, 'during the whole 3 years of negotiation, IBA did not come up with required 'detailed calculation' of pension updation.

BEFI alleged, IBA was 'sceptical' to be specific in regard to percentage of increase, loading, merger of special allowance, updation of pension and looking to their experience regarding the 'Record Note' signed in 2015, which was never taken up for discussion inspite  request on time and again, BEFI is apprehensive that the issues not mentioned in MOU would lose its relevance.

BEFI bursts out,  Bankers have written off loans to the tunes if Rs.4.5 lakh crores in last 4 years, Rs.68000 crores waived off for big defaulters like Nirav Modi, Vijay Malla & others, lakhs of crores are drained out as hair cuts, but when it comes to wage revision, they discuss about paying capacity.

BEFI said, in aforesaid matters, the bankers did not pay any heed. It disclosed,  at the time of 10th Bipartite settlement, when Special Allowance (starting from 7.75%) was introduced, it was an understanding,  within UFBU,  that efforts will be taken to merge this with Basic Pay during 11th Bipartite Settlement. So it was in COD & 'discussed' in several rounds of negotiation. BEFI reveals,  at one point of time, IBA was agreeable to merge a part of the Special Allowance, but IBA suddenly turned it's back early this year citing some court cases. BEFI rightly held it as no cogent reason to drop the issue from negotiation. Even a request to keep issue open for discussion was not accepted by IBA. BEFI expressed it's feelings that issues related to Pension should not be treated as financial issue, rather it should be taken from a social perspective.

BEFI stand is laudable, but its not IBA alone, but all other Unions too haven't given any heed to it. If BEFI has any serious and sincere purpose, we think, they should have drawn proper line and written to IBA, UFBU. Further, what made them to wait for 3 years? Why not situation was not explained from time to time. Coming out only at this juncture is viewed politically incorrect adventurism on extraneous considerations. Done can't be undone now.

But, BEFI deserves appreciation to be better late than never. BEFI's revelations have added and strengthened disbelief in leaders who are held as dishonest, cheat and corrupt by banking fraternity.


( J. N. Shukla)
National Convenor

NB: In next issue we shall discuss insiders view, Bankers Plan B, if MOU was not signed! The panic &  fear that made one flee like sparrow to Mumbai via London. 11th hour play, deafening cries of constituents, how 2 played foul????

Privatisation Of Public Banks

श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी,
माननीय प्रधानमंत्री,
भारत सरकार,
नई दिल्ली

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी,

सादर आपकी अनुमति की अपेक्षा रखते, सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र की बैंकों के संबंध में हम निम्नवत कुछ कहना चाहते हैं:

1. सरकार के हाथ में सार्वजनिक बैंकेंं एक अमोघ अस्त्र हैं. बैंकों में लोगों की बचत जमा के रूप में होती है, जो एक तरह से बहुमूल्य 'राष्ट्रीय बचत' है. इस बहुमूल्य 'राष्ट्रीय बचत' की सुरक्षा और इसका देश के आर्थिक विकास के लिए बनी नीतियों में प्रयुक्त करना, दोनों, बैंकों का दायित्व है.

2. राष्ट्रीयकरण के बाद राष्ट्रीयकृत बैंकों का देश के आर्थिक विकास में जो अभीष्ट योगदान रहा है, उससे आप भलीभाँति अवगत हैं. विगत 6 वर्षों के आपके कार्यकाल में आपके आह्वान पर आपकी हर योजना का बैंकों ने सफलतापूर्वक क्रियान्वयन किया है. विमुद्रीकरण, पी.एम. जन-धन खाते, दुर्घटना बीमा, जीवन बीमा, अटल पेंशन योजना, लाभार्थियों के खातों में विभिन्न सरकारी अनुदानों, पेशन आदि का सीधे अंतरण, कोरोना काल में बैंकिंग सेवावों को निर्वाधरुप से जारी रखना, मुद्रा योजना जैसी जन सामान्य के आर्थिक उत्थान की योजनाओं को लागू करने में सार्वजनिक बैंकों ने अद्वितीय योगदान दिया है.

बैंक खाता विहीन 36 करोड़ देशवासियों का नया बचत खाता खोलकर, बैंकों ने पहली बार, आम आदमी के लिए बैंकों का द्वार खोलने का राष्ट्रीयकरण का प्रथम लक्ष आपके प्रधानमंत्रित्व काल में हासिल किया है.

3. कोविड-19 से उत्पन्न आर्थिक संकट से उबरने के लिए सरकार की 20 लाख करोड़ की पैकेज योजना, सार्वजनिक बैंकों के कंधों पर सवार होकर आगे बढ़ रही है. उम्मीद है, बैंकों की वित्तीय सहायता से उद्योग और व्यापार को बड़ा बल मिलेगा तथा स्वरोजगार के अवसरों में भी आशातीत वृद्धि भी होगी.

4. सार्वजनिक बैंकों के कंसालिडेशन से बड़ा सुधार हुआ है. कुछ छोटी-छोटी बैंकें अभी भी यथावत हैं. सरकार को उन्हें भी कंसालिडेट करने का शीघ्र निर्णय लेना चाहिए, ताकि वे बड़े आकार में आकर काम कर सकें.

5. संचार माध्यमों में, सार्वजनिक बैंकों के निजीकरण के संदेश आये दिन साया हो रहे हैं, जो हमारी चिंता का विषय है. कभी बी.बी.बी. तो कभी नीति आयोग और अभी-अभी वित्तमंत्रालय के तथाकथित आधार पर संदेश आया कि सरकार बैंक आफ इंडिया, सेन्ट्रल बैंक आफ इंडिया, बैंक आफ महाराष्ट्र, पंजाब एण्ड सिंध बैंक, इंडियन ओवरसीज बैंक को कार्पोरेट्स के हाथों बेचनें जा रही है. दुर्भाग्य से इन भ्रामक संदेशों का वित्त मंत्रालय से कोई खंडन नहीं किया गया, जो संदेह पैदा करता है.

6. जैसा कि हम ऊपर कह चुके हैं, सार्वजनिक बैंकें सरकार के हाथ में अमोघ अस्त्र की तरह हैं. आम आदमी की बचत का संग्रहण और देश के आर्थिक विकास में उसका उपयोग करने का बैंंकों के अलावा और कोई अच्छा माध्यम नहीं हो सकता। लेकिन, जब बैंकों के निजीकरण का झूंठा भी संदेश आता है, तो जबरन दिमाग निजी बैंकों के इतिहास की तरफ चला जाता है और माथे कर चिंता की लकीरें खिंच जाती हैं. जनता की बचत का लूटखसोट एक  दिन भाग जानें का इतिहास. एक दिन ये सार्वजनिक बैंकें भी निजी हाथों में थी और उनका कई दशकों, कुछ का सैकड़ों साल का इतिहास था, लेकिन राष्ट्रीयकरण के समय 1969 तक उनके विकास, विस्तार और राष्ट्रीय उत्थान में उनके योगदान को देखकर आप हैरान होंगे. कुछ भी ठीक नहीं था. राष्ट्रीयकरण के बाद तीन दर्जन निजी क्षेत्र की बैंकों का असफल होना और उनका सार्वजनिक बैंकों में विलय कर हितधारकों को उद्धार की गौरवशाली परंपरा इन्हीं सार्वजनिक बैंकों के बल पर बनी है.

7. निजीकरण के झूंठे संदेश भी हमारे आत्मविश्वास को हिला देते हैं. बैंकों का सरकार से अच्छा कोई और कस्टोडियन नहीं हो सकता. यह जन विश्वास है. आज भी जब कोई निजी बैंक फेल होता है और जमाधारक छाती पीट-पीट कर चिल्लाता है, तो हमारे मन में यही गुस्सा होता है कि निजी बैंक में क्यों खाता खोला. ऐसा हम सार्वजनिक बैंक का खाता धारक होने के नाते सोचते हैं, क्योंकि हमें भरोसा है कि हमारी जमा हमारी बैंक में सुरक्षित है.


आपसे प्रार्थना है, जन हित में सरकार भ्रामक प्रचारों का खंडन करे, देश की अवाम को आश्वस्त करें कि सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र की बैंकें और मजबूती के साथ देश और अवाम की सेवा करती रहेंगी.

यह भी निवेदन है कि, शेष बचे सार्वजनिक बैंकों का भी विलय अबिलंब किया जाए. इससे ये बैंक अस्थिरता की भवर से बाहर आकर और अच्छे ढंग से देश की सेवा कर सकेंगी.

सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के उपक्रमों के बेचनें का सरकार पर दोषारोपण का अभियान चल रहा है. जनसामान्य की समझदारी में यह बात बड़ी आसानी से उतर जाती है कि सरकार ने सार्वजनिक उपक्रमों को बेचने का अभियान चला रखा है, जबकि सरकार का इरादा सार्वजनिक उपक्रमों को और मजबूत और कारगर करना है. सरकार नें सार्वजनिक बैंकों में पिछले पांच सालों में लाखों करोड़ की पूंजी लगाया है.

आदरणीय प्रधानमंत्री जी, बैंकों के निजीकरण जैसा कोई कदम ब्लंडर होगा, इससे समस्याएं सुलझनें के बजाय और उलझेंगी. सभी सार्वजनिक बैंकें, ग्रामीण बैंकें और सहकारी बैंके गैरजरूरी राजनीतिक हस्तक्षेप और रिजर्व बैंक की अकर्मण्यता की शिकार हैं. कर्ज वितरण में जोरजबरदस्ती, कर्जमाफी को वोट बैंक का जरिया बनाना और आरबीआई की अकर्मण्यता बैंकों के बुरे हाल के मुख्य कारण हैं.

आशा है, देश और जनहित में सार्वजनिक बैंकों को अक्षुण्ण बनाये रखने के लिए आप हर संभव कदम उठाएंगे.