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Monday, December 11, 2017

Role Of Social Sites And TV Anchors

Some people , some media men and some political leaders are so much angry and frustrated to see growing popularity of our lovely, active and effective Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and BJP  that they do not even hesitate to trust , forward and popularise a tweet made by a person of enemy country Pakistan if it contains a few words against  Modi.

Any one in any part of the country who speaks bad about Modi or BJP it is very much tasty for Modi haters . It is because Modi is growing in popularity  not only in India but all over the world.  This popularity hurts the ego of Modi haters. It gives much pain to them.  And hence as soon as some one speaks abusing  word for Modi  entire group of Modi haters find material to shine their  image.

 But in this exercise they forget that they are ridiculing  their own PM and own county.  They do not bother even to verify whether the bad-word-speaker has any value  or Not, whether the news is fake or genuine, whether the words used are good or bad.

 This proves nothing but hollowness of Modi haters. They do not have their own argument to prove their  misconceived ideas . They simply forward or copy paste all bad lines spoken against  Modi.

And this exercise they used during all elections held in last three years  and despite their mischievous and ill-motivated campaign Modi and BJP is going up and up in victory record.

 Even world leaders praise Modi. If hundred person praise Modi, it does not reach the ears of Modi Haters .but if a useless and even a mad man speak against Modi, entire brigade of Modi haters become active......

ise  hindi  me  kahte  hai  .
..dubte ko  tinke ka  sahara

Differing in opinion on policy matters is always welcome and appreciated  in democracy.  But use of bad, abusing and  unparliamentary words for a duly elected  Prime Minister is not at all good and it must be condemned by all right  thinking citizens.  Position of our motherland  must always  be above individuals and parties.

Social cites and TV channels should be used to create awareness, spread knowledge and information and as a fast medium of communication for valuable thoughts but unfortunately  a section of frustrated  prople are using them to create confusion, spread hatredness, disturb peace, disturb communal harmony and inject poison in minds of lovely souls.

This trend is not at all good and striking at the root of humanity.  This culture will have adverse affects on our relationship and on unity and integrity of our country. In the name of freedom of speech some people are bent upon creating divisions in our society. It must be stopped by peace loving individuals and organisations at any cost.

Danendra Jain

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