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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Circulars By AIBEA On Wage Revision

Communication from All India Union Bank Employees' Association (AIUBEA)
conveyed to us by Com.B.M.Pandhi, Vice President, Gujarat Bank Workers' Union

At AIUBEA's request today, the Bank has given the link of portal of On- line registration for Medical Insurance Retirees for 2017-18 through UBI NET also in addition to corporate website. This will enable all the branches and all the staff members to access the portal. So all can help the retirees to register their options.  The Bank is also issuing a circular to ROs and Branches about the linkage of portal through UBI Net and advising the branches to assist the retirees to register their options.


N. Shankar GS AIUBEA.

 Circulars issued by AIBEA is produced below for your perusal

CIRCULAR LETTER No. 28/39/2017/39                           9-10-2017


Dear Comrades,

Reg:  Claims under Group Medical Insurance Scheme for the
         period 1-10-16 to 30-9-2017

Units are aware that the Group Medical Insurance Policy applicable to the in-service employees and officers was from 1-10-2017 to 30-9-2017.  The Policy has been renewed for the next year from 1-10-2017 to 30-9-2018.

Normally, under the policy, all bills for hospitalisation expenses have to be claimed within 30 days for reimbursement.  However, there have been instances where some employees could not submit the bills in time and hence these bills could not be considered for reimbursement by the UIIC.

These issues were taken up with UIIC and we are happy to inform that UIIC has agreed and as a special case come forward to consider all such bills that could not be submitted during the period October, 2016 to September, 2017 for whatever reason to be accepted now for reimbursement.  The bills can be submitted to the TPAs/Banks as under:

  1. On or before 15/11/2017 OR 

  1. 30 days from the date of discharge OR

  1. 30 days from the date of post-hospitalisation,   whichever falls later

Units are requested to communicate this to our base unions for the information of our members so that such bills may be submitted for reimbursement now.

With greetings,
    Yours comradely,

From: UNITED INDIA                                           4 October 2017

To all Banks



As you are aware the employee group health insurance policy has expired on 30/09/2017. As per the policy condition, claim documents are to be submitted within 30 days of discharge or treatment taken (OPD) or post hospitalization. However some of the employees due to unavoidable circumstances which are beyond their control might not be able to submit the claim occurred during the period from 01/10/2016 to 30/09/2017 on time. For all such employees we are pleased to give one more opportunity to submit the claim documents with the following timelines. The below timeline is also for those who have claim during the fag end of the policy.

1. On or before 15/11/2017 OR 

2. 30 days from the date of discharge OR

3. 30 days from the date of post-hospitalisation,

whichever falls later. 

We seek your co-operation in this regard and request you to communicate to all your employees to use this final opportunity for submission of claims under 2016-17 policy. While submitting such old claims, please advise the employees to submit an explanation detailing the extreme case of hardship which resulted in the delay and the same may be forwarded to the TPA duly endorsed by the claim nodal officer of the bank. You will appreciate that we are giving 45 days of extension for submission of claims occurred right from the beginning of the policy period i.e 01/10/2016 and it will be extremely inconvenient and difficult for us to accept any claim submitted beyond the above time limits.

Once again seeking your co-operation and assuring you of our best attention always.

PC Sreekumar
IBA Cell In-charge

CIRCULAR No. 28/29/2017/29                                       10-10-2017


Dear Comrades,

11th Bipartite - Talks with IBA held on 3-10-2017

Further to the discussions held on 6.9.2017, another round of discussions were held on 3.10.2017 between our 5 Workman Unions and the IBA.

In this round of discussion, various issues were taken up e.g. Pension benefit to employees inflicted with voluntary cessation of service, Right to represent against orders of voluntary cessation, Compensation to employees transferred out on deployment, Improvements in rates for shifting goods while on transfer, Bonus for all employees, Fitment and fixation of Ex-Servicemen employees on joining the Banks, increase in Conveyance Allowance to Physically challenged employees, Improvement in definition of family for LFC/Medical insurance scheme, Revision in income criteria ceiling on definition of dependent, Improvements in staff loans, Festival advance, Introduction of petrol cost reimbursement scheme, etc.

Tentative understandings have been worked out on some of these issues and the same need to be further discussed.  On some of the issues, IBA was not favourably inclined. It was decided that the next round of discussions will be held on 24.10.2017 to continue the talks.

Since our wage revision is due from 1.11.2017 and keeping the assurance of the IBA to complete the wage revision process expeditiously, we insisted that the Full Negotiating Committee meeting of IBA should be convened immediately wherein important issues like our demand for increase in Wages, DA merger point, Increase in allowances and all other issues involving financial impact are to be discussed.

IBA agreed that this meeting would be held by the end of this month.

With greetings,

CIRCULAR No. 28/30/2017/30                                       10-10-2017


Dear Comrades,


Text of UFBU Circular:  ‘ A meeting of UFBU was held at Mumbai on 2-10-2017.  Com.K.K. Nair, Chairman of UFBU presided over the meeting.

The meeting observed a minute’s silence to condole the unfortunate death of the innocent people in the stampede in the foot over bridge at the Elphinstone Railway Station Bridge in Mumbai.

Wage Revision Issue:  The meeting had a full reporting on the discussions held so far between the Workman Unions and Officer Associations and the IBA on the Charter of Demands submitted by us on revision of wages and improvement in service conditions.  

The meeting noted that while some of the non-financial demands and issues have been taken up for discussion during these discussions so far, the main issue of increase in wages was yet to be dealt with by the IBA.  Hence, it was decided that the IBA should be impressed and insisted upon to hold the Full Negotiating Committee meeting at the earliest to discuss this important issue.  It was also decided to prevail upon the IBA that discussions on important issues like construction of revised pay scales, index point upto which DA is to be merged with basic pay, revisions in allowances and other financial demands are also expedited.

Mandate: The meeting also noted with concern that the IBA was still insisting upon their condition of restricting the negotiations with the Officer Associations only upto Scale III Officers and decided to pursue the matter further.

Discussions on Group Medical Insurance Scheme:  The meeting took note that in response to the demand of the UFBU, the IBA had convened a meeting on 06.10.2017 along the UIIC and all the TPAs to discuss the issues raised by UFBU on the difficulties faced in the implementation of the Scheme and to seek improvement(s) over the same. (Details of the discussions held on 06.10.2017 will be informed to unions in the next circular).

Attacks on Public Sector Banks – Need to step up our Agitation: The meeting congratulated the entire membership of all our unions for the massive success of the strike on 22.08.2017. However, the meeting regretted to note that the Government was keen to pursue their agenda on banking reforms and cabinet approval has been taken on merger of Banks.  In this background, it was observed that the Morcha to Parliament organized by AIBEA, AIBOC, NCBE, AIBOA, BEFI, INBEF and INBOC on 15.09.2017 turned to be a huge success with large participation by our members.

The discussions held with the Finance Minister on the Memorandum submitted to him during the meeting held on 15.09.2017 was also reported in the meeting.   

Having regard to the continued attempts of the Government to expedite the reforms policies, it was decided that the demands raised in the strike and morcha should be vigorously pursued through various campaigns and agitation programmes and the decision to observe 2 days’ strike was also reiterated.  Programmes will be informed shortly in our next communication.

Support to the demands of UFRRBU and their strike on 10th  & 11th December 2017:  The meeting discussed the letter received from United Forum of RRB Unions for supporting their demands and proposed strike on 10th and 11th December, 2017. Since their genuine demands like parity in service conditions, denial of rightful benefits and their protests against privatization of RRBs are being pursued by them in their agitation, it was decided to extend our support to them and their programmes.  It was also decided to address letters to Finance Minister and other concerned authorities in this regard to resolve the demands amicably and expeditiously.’
With greetings,
11-October-2017 15:59 IST

Direct Tax Collections for F.Y. 2017-2018 show Growth of 15.8% up to September, 2017
The provisional figures of Direct Tax collections up to September, 2017 show that net collections are at Rs. 3.86 lakh crore which is 15.8% higher than the net collections for the corresponding period of last year. Net Direct Tax collections represent 39.4% of the total Budget Estimates of Direct Taxes for F.Y. 2017-18 (Rs. 9.8 lakh crore). Gross collections (before adjusting for refunds) have increased by 10.3% to Rs. 4.66 lakh crore during April to September, 2017. Refunds amounting to Rs.79,660 crore have been issued during April to September, 2017.
An amount of Rs. 1.77 lakh crore has been received as Advance Tax up to 30th September, 2017 reflecting a growth of 11.5%over the Advance Tax payments of the corresponding period of last year. The growth in Corporate Income Tax(CIT) Advance Tax is 8.1% and that in Personal Income Tax(PIT) Advance Tax is 30.1%.

Cabinet approves revised pay scales of teachers and equivalent academic staff in Universities/Colleges & centrally funded technical institutions
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval for revision of pay scales for about 8 lakh teachers and other equivalent academic staff in higher educational institutions under the purview of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and in Centrally Funded Technical Institutions, following implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission for Central Government employees.

The decision will benefit 7.58 lakh teachers and equivalent academic staff in the 106 Universities / Colleges which are funded by the UGC/MHRD and also 329 Universities which are funded by State Governments and 12,912 Govt. and private aided colleges affiliated to State Public Universities.

In addition, the revised pay package will cover teachers of 119 Centrally Funded Technical Institutions viz. IITs, IISc, IIMs, IISERs, IIITs, NITIE. etc.

The approved pay scales would be applicable from 1.1.2016. The annual Central financial liability on account of this measure would be about Rs. 9,800 crore.

The implementation of this pay revision will enhance the teachers' pay in the range of Rs. 10,400 and Rs. 49,800 as against the extant entry pay due to the implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission for the pay of teachers. This revision would register an entry pay growth in the range of 22% to 28 %.

For the State Govt. funded institutions, the revised pay scales will require adoption by the respective State Governments. The Central Government will bear the additional burden of the States on account of revision of pay scales. The measures proposed in the revised pay structure are expected to improve quality of higher education and also attract and retain talent.

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