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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Compare Pay Of Bank Staff With Central Government Employees

I submit below a comparative study of wages paid to bank employees and to central government employees which is compiled by talented Sri Pannvalan

Salaries & Allowances of Bank Employees (10th BPS) and Central Government Employees (7th CPC) - At the start of the scale on 01-01-2018
Bank EmployeesCentral Government Employees
(Amount in Rupees)
Details of Pay & AllowancesSub-staffClerk Officer - JMGS IOfficer - MMGS IIOfficer - MMGS IIIPay Band - 1Pay Band - 1Pay Band - 3Pay Band - 3Pay Band - 4
Basic Pay9,56011,76523,70031,70542,02018,00025,50056,10067,70078,800
Special Pay082000000000
Spl. Allowance7419121,8372,4573,25700000
Transport Allowance4254252,1002,8003,5009361,4043,2003,2003,200
D. A.5,3156,96413,17717,62823,3632,1603,0606,7328,1249,456
Total 16,99722,14543,81758,31376,79126,49636,08479,49695,272110,368
1. For bank staff, 'special pay' means the existing special pay applicable to Single Window Operator for Clerks (for sub-staff, their special pay has been merged with Basic Pay) at the time of 9th BPS.
2. For bank staff, 'Special Allowance' means the new allowance proposed to be introduced in 10th BPS. This attracts D.A. but it is not reckoned for any other benefit.
3. For award staff in banks, 'Transport Allowance' is a fixed amount, while for officers, it is claimed as a reimbursement on production of petrol bills.
4. For central government employees, 'Grade Pay' under 6th CPC got merged with their Basic Pay under 7th CPC.
5. For central government employees, 'Transport Allowance' is fixed and it is counted for the purpose of D.A. Moreover, whenever the outstanding D.A. crosses 50% (due to periodical rise in AICPI), Transport allowance will also rise by 25%, for each block of 50% in D.A.
6. For HRA, metropolitan city has been taken for comparison in both the cases.
7. For Central Government employees, D.A. is due for revision from 01-01-2018. For better comparison, the estimated D.A. of 12% from 01-01-2018 has been taken for central government staff.
Date: 01-01-2018pannvalan

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