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Monday, November 13, 2017

Insurance Company Writes To IBA

TEXT OF EMAIL SENT BY UIIC TO ALL BANKS UNDER IBA POLICY (Pl verify the genuinity of this message before you act, this is copied from Facebook )

As you are aware the retiree group health insurance policy has expired on 31/10/2017. As per the policy condition, claim documents are to be submitted within 30 days of discharge or treatment taken (OPD) or post hospitalization. However some of the retirees due to unavoidable circumstances which are beyond their control might not be able to submit the claim occurred during the period from 01/11/2016 to 31/10/2017 on time. For all such retirees we are pleased to give one more opportunity to submit the claim documents with the following timelines. The below timeline is also for those who have claim during the fag end of the policy.

1. On or before 25/12/2017 OR
2. 30 days from the date of discharge OR
3. 30 days from the date of post-hospitalisation,
whichever falls later.

We seek your co-operation in this regard and request you to communicate to all your retirees to use this final opportunity for submission of claims under 2016-17 policy. While submitting such old claims, please advise the retirees to submit an explanation detailing the extreme case of hardship which resulted in the delay and the same may be forwarded to the TPA duly endorsed by the claim nodal officer of the bank. You will appreciate that we are giving 45 days ( from today) of extension for submission of claims occurred right from the beginning of the policy period i.e 01/11/2016 and it will be extremely inconvenient and difficult for us to accept any claim submitted beyond the above time limits.

Once again seeking your co-operation and assuring you of our best attention always.
PC Sreekumar
IBA Cell In-charge

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