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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Progress In Bipartite Settlement After Latest Talk

Latest Circular Issued by AIBEA /UFBU in connection with latest talk held on Bipartite Settlement is produced below to keep you abreast of the latest position.

CIRCULAR No. 28/16/2017/16                                        23-7-2017


Dear Comrades,

3rd Round of Bipartite Talks with IBA held on 20-7-12017

Text of UFBU Circular: The 3rd round of bipartite talks between IBA and UFBU was held at IBA office on 20-7-2017.  IBA was represented by Shri R K Thakkar, Chairman of the Negotiating Committee along with other members of their team.  UFBU was represented by leaders of all our constituents.

IBA informed us that to facilitate expeditious discussions on our Charter of Demands, separate Sub Committees have been formed as under:

For Workmen
For Officers
Shri Rakesh Sharma, (Chairman)
MD/CEO, Canara Bank
Shri Prashant Kumar, (Chairman)
Shri H C Sati, GM, Allahabad Bank
Shri Ujwal Kumar, GM, UCO Bank
Shri Mrityunjay Kumar Gupta,           GM, Bank of India
Shri S K Chowdhary, Head-HR,             Bank of Baroda
Shri Punit Jain, GM, PNB
Shri C P Giri, GM, Canara Bank
Shri T S Seshadri, GM, Indian Bank
Shri B Ashok, GM, Central Bank
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM, SBI
Shri M K Biswal, GM, Bank of Maharashtra

While the Negotiating Committee will discuss the common demands and issues having direct financial implications, the other demands relating to service conditions  of employees and officers which are of non-financial nature would be discussed in the respective Sub-Committees.  IBA solicited the names from our Unions who will participate in the Sub-Committees so that the discussions at the Sub-Committee level can start at the earliest.

From our side, while we welcomed the formation of Sub-Committees to quicken the discussions, we wanted the IBA to address the main demands also simultaneously so that the final Settlement can be concluded in time.

We also reiterated that the IBA should review its stand to restrict the discussions upto Scale-III Officers to which IBA stated that the issue needs to be taken up with the concerned Banks since IBA’s decision is based on the mandates given by those Banks.

Settlement to be effective from 1st Nov. 2017:  To our demand that the ensuing wage revision for the employees and officers should be made effective from 1-11-2017, after discussions, IBA agreed to the same.  

We requested IBA to make their initial offer on wage hike and IBA stated that they would respond on this in subsequent discussions.

We emphasized the need to hold a round of discussions to follow up the issues covered by the Record Note signed on 25-5-2015 on demands like periodical updation of pension, improvement in Family Pension, 100% DA on pension to past retirees, etc. IBA agreed to the same.

We took up the issue of introduction of 5 Day Banking declaring the remaining Saturdays also as holidays.  IBA stated that the issue needs wider consultation at different levels and hence would respond to the same later.

We wanted IBA to provide us the data relating to stage-wise, area-wise, and category-wise number of employees, details of wages paid under different wage components, etc. so that our demands can be calculated and quantified to enable proper discussions. IBA informed that few Banks are yet to furnish the details to them and once it is received, the same would be compiled, consolidated and provided to the Unions.

To our demand for expediting the Settlement through frequent meetings and discussions, IBA stated that the Sub-Committees would meet more frequently and in between the Negotiating Committee meetings would also be called to take the negotiations forward.  IBA requested the Unions to submit the names of the representatives for the Sub Committees thereafter the meeting of these Committees would be called.  We agreed to provide the names to the IBA at the earliest.

UFBU Meeting:  After the discussions with the IBA, meeting of the UFBU was held and it was decided that all the constituent unions would submit the names of their representatives who would be in the Sub-Committees and the list would be submitted to the IBA to fix the meeting of the Sub-Committees as early as possible.  

Regarding our ensuing agitational programmes, it was decided to serve the strike notice on IBA for our All India Strike action on 22.8.2017 and the preparatory programmes were also decided upon.  Separate Circular will be issued in this regard.

Comrades, serious negotiations on our demands are yet to take off, however, we are moving towards the same. Maintaining our unity is paramount at this juncture.    Sd.  S K Bandlish, Convener, UFBU

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