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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Unsatisfactory Response By PMO On Cases Lodged

Reason given by PMO after lapse of more than 8 months for closing my complaint dated 6th October 2017 is "No attachment is found".

Reality is as follows.

Fact is narrated in full details . Copy of NSE has been pasted as it is. Details of shares held in ICICI is presented.

Company namely Teledata informatics is delisted.

I had bought 3200 shares and they were in my account till before the trading was stopped by NSE.
NSE has subsequently valued property through its agency and found that the company in default has to pay back Rs.36.11 per share to shareholders as per rule of SEBI. Matter is crystal clear.

I have asked PMO to prevail upon concerned department to force defaulting company to pay back value of shares to me as per advice of NSE?

What more clarification or attachment PMO staff want?

It appears Government is itself in dark how to deal with such subjects .or they are more concerned with closing the case rather than solving the problem raised by aggrieved person.

Or SEBI is inactive and trying to save defaulting company or PMO is trying to evade their responsibility to help shareholders cheated by the said company or else all concerned are under a conspiracy make fraud with common men or shareholders.It is as good as systemic fraud with shareholders of companies and the purpose of SEBI's existence is itself defeated.

In majority of cases referred to PMO or SEBI or any Grievance Redressal body by aggrieved persons/ shareholders is closed without any rhyme or reason .

It is clear like crystal that persons sitting in PMO are also working as employees are working in bad companies or in bad departments or in bad banks or in bad insurance companies or bad PSUs. Common men gets no relief from any corner.

We common men are helpless , totally at mercy of God because people sitting at higher post or at post meant for giving relief to people in pain are rather aggravating the pain of common men.

Yours faithfully
Danendra Kumar Jain

I am submitting copy of Reply received from PMO

Status as on 27 May 2018
Registration Number:PMOPG/E/2017/0541814
Name Of Complainant:danendra Jain
Date of Receipt:06 Oct 2017
Received by:Prime Ministers Office
Forwarded to:Securities and Exchange Board of India
Contact Address:SEBI Bhawan, Plot No. C4-A,
G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (E), Mumbai400051
Contact Number:022-26441994
Grievance Description:Several years ago I had purchased shares of Teledata Informatics totalling to 3200. Later , due to some reason or the other SEBI got this company delisted. Trading stopped on NSE and BSE. After so many years I got a following email from NSE .
 You are holding 3200 shares of Teledata Informatics Limited (INE480B01022) as on 15-Jun-17 in your demat account (IN302902-42345384) opened with NSDL through ICICI Bank Limited We would like to bring to your notice that National Stock Exchange (NSE) has delisted (withdrawn the admission to dealings in) equity shares of the said company i.e. Teledata Informatics Limited with effect 24-Mar-17 . Further, NSE has also issued a Public Notice that the value of the equity shares of the company is arrived at Rs. 36.11 per share after valuation conducted by empanelled valuers as per SEBI Delisting Regulations, 2009. 
 You may note that the onus of giving exit option to you, being the public shareholder, is on the promoters of the Company wherein you hold the delisted equity shares. Exchange has put its sincere efforts to ascertain name and address of promoters of your Company. The names and addresses to the extent available with the Exchange are mentioned in the public notice.  You may contact the promoters of your company mentioned in the public notice dated March 04, 2017. Public notice is available on NSEIL website. The path to access the public notice is given below for your ready reference: After receipt of said letter I sent emails to all concerned several times but neither ICICI nor Teledata company nor NSE or others took any step to help me in getting payment from the company for 3200 shares held by me and for which value fixed by the system is Rs36.11 per share. I had bought shares when I was posted in UP. After incurring huge loss I reduced trading and stopped for many months .Now after knowing that I am entitled for getting money for 3200 shares at the rate of Rs.36.11 per share , I wrote to all offices but none of them took drastic action to force the defaulting company to pay me money . I therefore request you to let me know the exact authority who are responsible to ensure compliance from defaulting company , at least those orders which has been issued by NSE or BSE india or SEBI or you. There are thousands of such companies in the country who cheat investors and then close operation . SEBI or NSE delist such companies . They should help investors in getting money back. Let me know which department will help me . I have heard nothing from the company Teledata. Please let me know what I have to do to exit and get payment of share held by me. Since ICICI securities did not change my address in demat account despite several requests , I stopped operation from that account.  Now I am endorsing a copy of this letter to ICICI too. I have seen the notice at NSE website as directed by you , but I could not understand how to proceed for receiving payment.  Since the said notice does not contain email address of the aforesaid company , I am unable to endorse copy to them . I have however sent mails to email addresses of the company available in Google search but all these mail returned back to me. I hope either NSE India or SEBI or Ministry of Finance will take appropriate action to ensure that appropriate amount of refund is given to me by the company which has been delisted and whose value has been decided by SEBI as Rs.36.11 per share.
Current Status:CASE CLOSED
Date of Action:21 Dec 2017
Details:There is no attachment received with this complaint. Hence the complaint is being treated as closed. However the complainant may like to file a fresh complaint with necessary details.

Another Case Disposed off by PMO with no solution after one year. I have asked for full payment of my matured LIC policy but LIC officers are bent upon giving me pension.  There was no word such as pension in policy I had bought 13 years ago.

It is very painful and sad that you have simply heard the views of officers of  LIC offices and pasted it here without verifying the reality and rule of justice . You appear to have turned blind eyes towards what I mentioned in my grievance.During last 15 months I have written several mails to almost all dignitories but unfortunately all are birds of same feather. You have ignored the fact that I am demanding full payment and LIC is ready to give only monthly pension. 

You have ignored the fact that LIC accepts premium at all branches and through online but while making payment insist for completion of formalities like option paper submission only in branch where from policy was bought. 

You have ignored why Ombudsman post is vacant at Chandigarh for more than six month. 

You have ignored that Government insist for reduction in litigation in govt departments whereas office of Ombudsman suggest filing a case in court of law . 

Public Grievance Redressal department formed at several levels and in different offices manned by senior officials is meant for listening to pain of customers but in fact they are listening only and only what LIC or their mentors  are saying. 

This is why people of India have lost trust on all departments run by Government and all PSUs . 

Banks have incurred losses to the tune of thousands and  lakhs of crores of rupees but government is not worried. I have been writing on this point for last ten years to prominent offices but no one heard and no one peeped into and looked into reality . Every bank has incurred loss this year and government officials are not worried. After all it is tax payers money. There is no doubt that in few years LIC too will be exposed like AIG in USA.

None of staff or Officers are subjected to any  penal action. This is why they blindly follow and accept what their department bosses writes to them and they treat all customers as slaves. This culture is against Justice . expenses incurred in establishing such offices are burden on taxpayers. 

Now only God can punish those officers who are heartless and who are insensitive to pain of common men, There is no doubt that all these officers will suffer pain as consequence of their sins. I however pray God will give them mental peace and happiness. God bless you. 

It is ironical that government waives loans given to defaulters are waived whereas deposits made by common men like me are withheld on flimsy ground. This is peak of injustice. God will do justice sooner or later. 

I however beg excuse for inconvenience caused to you by my mails sent to you with the expectation that I will get back my money from LIC which I deposited for last 13 years. LIC will earn and I will suffer loss. It is 

Registration Number:PMOPG/E/2018/0209011
Name Of Complainant:Danendra Kumar Jain
Date of Receipt:05 May 2018
Received by:Prime Ministers Office
Forwarded to:Life Insurance Corporation of India
Contact Address:5th Floor, (Link), Yogakshema,
Jeevan Bima Marg,
Contact Number:02266598354
Grievance Description:This refers to POLICY NO 283453384 and my complain to PMO with number as PMOPG/E/2018/0158937 regarding non payment of matured policy by LIC and insurance of paying pension by LIC to me. I have submitted my grievance to almost all possible dignitaries supposed to be solution provider. Unfortunately all are acting as forwarding agent. It may be PMO or IRDA or Ombudsmen or LIC Chairman or their zonal office. They forward the complain to their juniors in order of hierchy and ultimately it reaches to branch. And Branch has a stereo type response. None of them has tried to UNDERSTAND my pain, my problem and what I want. I want full payment of my policy matured on March 2017. None of them appear to have read it and none has used brain to understand what I have expressed. They either ignore the complaint or forward it to their juniors. This is their well established and deep rooted culture. They work as lifeless machines. They do not act as managers but act as dead machines and hence totally insensitive to pain of customers. So many cells have been formed at various levels to give relief to unhappy customers. But it is painful that they all act as pain aggravators. They waste valuable time of aggrieved customers as well as that of their employers but seldom give any relief. They however know the art of closing all cases of complaints register with them. They show no pending complaints and claims pending . They know the art of fabricating attractive statistics on pendency of complaints but do not like to solve the issue at all. LIC offices act only for their commission agents who brings business and who provide share in commission they earn by cheating customers by presenting false picture in favour of customers. Even after lapse of more than a year since I started correspondence I.e.from May 2016, but Metter lies where it was in the beginning. LIC is bent upon paying periodical pension and I need full payment of matured policy. This is the character of Indian bureaucracy inherited from British government. Everybody preaches sermons for others to serve customers as God but in practice almost all are indifferent to pain of customers. They all are full of Ego. They are busy in protecting their false and self created image. People at large are fed up with this culture of indifference prevalent in all departments run by government directly or indirectly. People prefer private banks, private insurers. Private fliers, private hospitals, private telecom service providers and so on. All these govt departments are in losses or in dead like health and are burden on public fund and taxpayers money. People hate government employees only due to this dirty culture. Our respected Prime Minister says that government departments must try to solve issues related to common men at their level and avoid litigation. But it is sad that even office of Ombudsmen suggest filing a case in court of law . No rays of hope is visible . Even after knocking doors of all except Human Right Commission or judiciary , no fruitful result has emerged. Government acts only after that there is public outrage, violence, arsoning like extreme reactions . But individuals like me are totally helpless and have to bear with reign of injustice. God bless you all. With regards Thank you all Danendra Jain
Current Status:CASE CLOSED
Your Feedback:
Date of Action:18 May 2018
Details:We have sent the attached mail dated 18.05.2018 to the policyholder advising him for an early submission of Option Form at the service branch office. So that annuity may be

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