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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Letter To UFBU

Copy of the Letter dated 09 04 2018 by the CBPRO to the Convenor of UFBU regarding Joint Struggle for Updation of Pension and Abolition of New Pension Scheme is reproduced below:

Dated: 09.04.2018

Shri Sanjeev K Bandlish
Convenor, UFBU
General Sectary, NCBE
C/o State Bank of India,

Dear Com. Bandlish,

Joint Struggle for Updation of Pension and Abolition of New Pension Scheme

It is a matter of great satisfaction for all Bank Retirees that UFBU has been championing the cause of Bank Pensioners and Retirees right from signing of Historic Pension Settlement in 1993 and subsequent improvements from time to time like removal of strike clause, 2nd Option for Pension and rectification of other anomalies.  However the following important issues have been a matter of serious concern both for the Retirees and the Serving Employees:

1. Updation of Pension as provided under Bank Employees Pension Regulation 35(1).

2. Bringing those Employees who are recruited after 01.04.2010 under existing Defined Benefit Pension Scheme by abolishing New Pension Scheme.

3. Improvement in Family Pension Scheme as prevailing in Government and RBI.

4. Reckoning Special Allowance for the purpose computing Pension.

5. Date of effect for enhanced Gratuity to be 01.01.2016 at par with Government Employees

We believe that these issues are of common concern to us and need to be given utmost priority.  It is pertinent to mention that many of the Bank Pensioners and Retirees have breathed their last without getting their legitimate benefits due to unrelenting attitude on the part of Banks and other authorities.  Some of the benefits which could have come in normal course were achieved through protracted litigation at a huge avoidable cost in terms of money and time.

We request UFBU to chalk out an action programme exclusively for resolution of the above mentioned issues at the earliest without even waiting for the impending wage settlement.  We as Retirees pledge our whole-hearted support and involvement in all your action programmes in this regard.

Incidentally we understand that United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees has issued a circular regarding pending demands pertaining to Superannuation Benefits after Government rejected the proposal of RBI Governor for updation of Pension.  Amongst other things RBI Officers and Employees propose to observe two days strike in the month of May if their demands pertaining to Superannuation Benefits are not resolved amicably.  If it is considered appropriate, there may be a synchronised struggle by UBFU, United Forum of RBI Officers and Employees and the Bank Retirees Organisations in regard to Superannuation Benefits.

We shall be looking for a positive response from you in this regard.

Thanking you,

Yours comradely,
 A.Ramesh Babu                K.V.Acharya
                    Joint Conveners

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