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Friday, March 30, 2018

Injustice With BANK Staff

The government today notified doubling of the limit of tax-free gratuity to Rs 20 lakh in private sector. But it is totally silent on effective date for payment.  It says that act has come into force on 29th of March 2018. It appears to me that enhanced amount of gratuity will be payable to only those employees  who retire on or after 29th March 2018. Let us however wait till final circular comes out.

The notification follows changes in the Payment of Gratuity Act which had empowered the government to fix the ceiling of the retirement benefit through an executive order.

The amendment bill approved by Parliament earlier in the month had also empowered the government to fix the period of maternity leave.

News on Gratuity Notification

Click HERE to See How UPA government had cheated Bankers in year 2010

Last time ceiling was revised from 01.01.2006 for central government employees but staff of banks and other establishment got this benefit from May 2010. Due this employees who retired from services from January 2006 to April 2010 were not paid enhanced gratuity. This is totally injustice. Unfortunately  aggrieved staff and their trade union leaders digested this dose of injustice .Even a Mother does not feed her lovely child until he or she cries. This is a natural law.

Some people are cursing BJP and some are cursing Narendra Modi Prime Minister of the country. Some are threatening that they will not cast vote  in favour of BJP in 2019 as if other parties have promised them to enhance their salaries and perks by 100%. They do not remember how they were treated and cheated during UPA government in matters related to wage hike or gratuity ceiling enhancement or pension updation. Some left minded employees who are called as protector of bank staff are talking against FRDI Bill or against privatisation of banks or against imagine mergers plan. They ignore key demands like uniformity in hike in wages or in pension or in gratuity . It is only because they use bankers in fulfilling their political agenda only. Old bankers  know it better.

Therefore I disagree with their senseless and mindless conclusion that this government is against working class and hence should be voted out. This may be agenda of defeated politicians  but not that of bankers. Bankers have to and should focus on their demand only.

Trade unions are only legal and authorised body to talk on behalf of bank staff and none others. These leaders did not protest in the year 2010 when UPA GOVT committed sin of denying enhanced gratuity to bankers who retired from BANK or pvt companies during period 2006 to 2010. Once it is accepted it becomes a practice.  This govt too committed the same sin this time by denying enhanced gratuity to bankers who retired ftom 1.1.2016 to 29.03.2018

There is little role of government or in fact very little role to play  as regards wage hike pertaining  to bank or insurance staff is concerned. In fact this is the first government in history of bank bipartite settlement  which took initiative at its own two years before the due date of bipartite settlement to ensure timely finalization of wage accord for bank employees . Unfortunately  UFBU and IBA as usual were in deep slumber for last two years and in fact they are still sleeping despite all humiliating postings on social sites against them. Members of We Bankers are also on war path but it is also confined in a very very small and negligible section of bankers

In fact all staff of all departments  , banks, insurance companies, PSUs, pvt companies etc  who are not coming under ambit of 7th pay commission  are cheated and aggrieved because of discriminatory  change in gratuity law.

Some staff have initiated petition in and asking for more and more signatures.  This will serve no purpose at all. Such petitions never reach the addressee. This gives gain to promoters of the  site called as Such petitions have been in circulation since long on many different subjects. Government is unaware of such petitions.

To get sucess in desired motive, trade union will have to call indefinite strike giving the notice or without notice.  Only registered unions representing considerably number of staff can give a strike call. And without indefinite strike we cannot stop discriminatory  acts of any government.

UPA government  had cheated staff in 2010 by denying benefits of enhanced  gratuity who retired from 2006 till 2010. Similarly  this govt has denied enhanced gratuity to those staff who retired in between 1.1.16 to 29.03.2018. A little better this govt is . If Congress party had supported the bill this could have been passed in 2017 itself. We are sufferer due to non functioning of parliament too. Parties are more interested in their survival than on merits and demerits of a bill passed in Parliament .

Without strong protest and consistent agitation by bankers slong with other aggrieved  staff groups,  there is no hope at all for any change in act..Only trade unions are authorised to talk to IBA and GOI on behalf of bank staff. Unfortunately  IBA and UFBU will seldom take any hard step for justice. They are more interested in their political and self interest oriented motives. It is pity that lakh of bank staff are silent spectators of their Chirharan.

When this government can do something  for central govt employees without any such demand from central govt employees, they can do so for others too. It all depends whether we are weeping in closed room or crying loudly before our trade unions who are at the root of àll such discriminatory acts.

Bank staff cry on Facebook and in WhatsApp  groups regarding injustice meted out to them. They post abusing quotes snd pictures on Facebook against government or against Modi. Such abusing will never prove fruitful. They will have to build pressure on their leaders and simultaneously  continue  their war against injustice  on social sites. They may resign from their unions in mass if needed. They will have to force their leaders by hook or by crook to start mass andeffective action against injusyice quickly.

I hope leaders of various  organisations of retired staff will also shed their ego and take United action to stop reign of injustice perpetrated by this government.  I have full confidence  that Modi government  will understand it and take appropriate  corrective  action soon.

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