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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

An Appeal For Quality Education

Majority of private primary , middle and high schools are charging exorbitant high tuition fee without ensuring quality education. These schools give marks to students as per their whims or on the  basis of gifts they receive  or whether students take private tuition or not. In this way , students who are sincere in study get lesser marks and other weak students get higher marks.
In such schools students do not fail but they  get justice to their study only when they are close to teachers. Marks are not awarded based on what a student has written in examination copies. 

This is why sincere students sometimes fail or get low rank and in frustration they commit suicide. On the other hand, weak students get higher marks by manipulating school staff. It is because there is no fear of cross checking or any punishment.  There is no control at all on private or govt schools. Wrong culture has taken roots.

These schools demotivate good students and promote yesmanism and private tuition only. Since government run schools are more or less useless and since there is no teaching at all, parents even from poor families prefer private schools for their wards. Private schools exploit this mentality and loot students in various ways , even by selling books, copies , dresses and all other relevant  materials.

Quality teaching has become rare and confined to very few schools. Education profession has become a easy tool for looting students and blackmailing parents.

I therefore request you to prevail upon all states to give more focus on quality of  teaching not only in government  schools but also in private schools and especially in recruitment  of teachers.

Governments,   state as well as central  should  invariably ensure  honesty and sincerity in quality of examination, quality of checking of copies and on maintaining secrecy of question papers in all classes from class one to higher classes.

This will help in improving quality snd quantity of talented students and talented teachers. Above all this will improve in employability of educated students.

For this purpose , there should be a nstional policy on education. There should be an uniform policy for all schools, uniform syllabus and uniform question setting. There should be some policy on structure of tuition fees and selling of study materials.  Examination should be under conducted under CCTV and supervision of senior officials.  Record of checked copies of all classes should be kept at least for 3 years for reverification and every student should have choice for rechecking of copies from teacher of other states or other districts.

 If a teacher is found to have given abnormal number to any student for any self interest , he should be severely punished and if possible should be barred from all activities for at least three years. In addition government  should from time to time order random and surprise audit and inspection of teaching and checked copies.  CVC should keep watch on activities of teachers and schools private as well as government .

I say so because education is backbone of not only all families but also for overall development  of the country. Framing of good policy and its best possible execution is the demand of the time.

 It is pity that government  run schools colleges and universities have become ground for spreading dirty politics and culture of loot,  exploitation , sexual assault, indiscipline and misbehaviour.  And it is also painful and shameful  that private educational  centres have become field for exploitation and or commiting fraud with education or for playing game with life of a student.

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