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Sunday, January 21, 2018

For Pensioners And Retirees


Circular No. 3/18.                         19.01.2018.

(For circulation among all the members of the Managing Committee
as well as
the Governing Council of AIBPARC, Special Invitees,
State Secretaries and Advisors of AIBPARC.)

Dear Comrade,


We are reproducing hereunder CBPRO circular no. 2/2018 dt 17.01.2018
on above subject for information of members.

With best wishes,



 Circular No. 002/2018                                                                  Dated: 17.01.2018                                                                                                         
Dear Comrades,

The retiree Bank Officers of Pre-2002 were meted out an unfair treatment
by arbitrarily denying them the benefit of 100% DA.  
The issue was agitated before the Hon’ble Courts seeking judicial recourse.  
It finally landed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.  
The Hon’ble Court has heard the arguments of all the parties
to the case and reserved the Judgement. We have been hoping
for a favourable judgement so as to get necessary relief to
Pre-2002 retirees.  

We have been in regular contact with the Senior Advocates
who had argued our case before the Hon’ble Supreme Court.  
We understand that sometimes it takes little longer for the
reserved Judgments to be pronounced by the Hon’ble Court.  
We therefore would like to assure our Comrades that
we are conscious of their anxiety and concerns.  
Let us wait for an early relief.  

We wish and hope for a favourable and early pronouncement of
reserved Judgement.


All other pending issues relating to Bank Pensioners and Retirees
are being followed up with Department of Financial Services,
Ministry of Finance, Government of India by us.  
We hope that some of the issues will get resolved early.  
We shall work tirelessly for the cause of Bank Pensioners and Retirees.  

We note to keep you posted of the developments in this regard.


While extending our Warm Greetings for a Happy, Healthy
& Fruitful NEW YEAR 2018 to our Comrades and
their family members, we hope that NEW YEAR would augur
well for working class and also for the Bank Pensioners and Retirees.
We request our Comrades to work for strengthening the
Bank Pensioners and Retirees movement.  

“Victory shall be Ours”

With Regards
Yours Comradely,

A Ramesh Babu                                 K V Acharya,
                       Joint Conveners (CBPRO)

Source Economic times dated 11.01.2018

The government is working on an online mechanism to offer a speedy resolution to disputes over administrative decisions and avoid unnecessary litigation. What is unique in this plan is that the law ministry will intervene and give legal opinion online to resolve such disputes. All this will happen on a government portal.

Under this, anyone aggrieved of a government decision could raise the issue online. Once the complaint is filed, the law ministry will seek the response from the concerned department or ministry. It will then give a legal opinion on the correctness of the decision in dispute. If the ministry finds fault with an order, it will recommend rectification of it.

"All this will happen at the pre-litigation stage," said an official with knowledge of the plan. The basic idea is to minimise the number of disputes over administrative decisions going to court, where it could take years to find a resolution. Another facet of this initiative, said a person privy to the development, "is to usher in a culture of accountability".

 If the concerned department fails to correct the wrong despite the law ministry's legal opinion, the errant officer will be liable for adverse action ... the legal opinion will be in public domain which can be used by the litigant in a court of law to demonstrate the ineptitude of the concerned government department," this person added.

The government is likely to use the platform of Legal Information Management and Briefing System (LIMBS) to provide this service to the public. In sync with the Prime Minister's 'Digital India' mission, LIMBS is a Web-based online tool for monitoring court cases in a transparent and proactive manner. "Currently, the portal is functioning and is available for access to lawyers. The plan is to throw it open for public access so that grievances can be redressed online.
Alternately, limited access to the portal exclusively to raise grievances is also being contemplated," said a senior law ministry official.

Clubbing of court cases is also on the anvil, this official said, adding: "Identical cases hanging fire in various lower, higher courts of the country can be clubbed together and arranged online for ready reference so that government's expenses and time is not wasted."

Currently, LIMBS provides a standardized screen to capture basic information of court cases. The system provides information on court cases on a real-time basis to ministries and other involved. It sends SMS alerts to lawyers, other users and concerned officers about forthcoming court cases so that they don't go unnoticed.
More than 7,700 users from 62 ministries and 208 government departments or organisations have uploaded over 2.15 lakh court cases (1.92 lakh live cases) on the system in a span of two years, said another law ministry official. 

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