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Sunday, January 7, 2018

AIBEA Writes To UFBU On Delay

                                                                                                                     Date: 4th January,'18

All the regular recipients of our Association's e-mails,


Letter by AIBEA to UFBU for negotiations with IBA regarding Salary Revision

    Please see the attachment containing a soft copy of the Letter written by AIBEA to UFBU in the matter of very passive approach of the IBA / Government for salary talks on salary revisions.

    Now please read further, which I am mentioning here under in a lighter mood.

Whenever I am going for morning or evening walk, several bank retirees meeting me are asking about solution of our genuine pension related problems in the 11th BP Settlement. Since I am unable to give any reply to those friends, I am side tracking  / changing my path for walking on the next day, so that I may not have to face them again.

My perception is that when the employees in service (having strength of fighting) are not getting any proper response from the IBA / Government for their salary revision for such a long time, what the teeth less tigers like us should expect for solutions of our pension related problems. This is not a frustration - but a reality of the situation. Therefore, let us be contented with whatever pension we are getting at present.

Yours sincerely,
General Secretary


AIBEA/GS/2018/3                                                        3-1-2018

United Forum of Bank Unions

Dear Comrade,

1. Wage Revision: You are aware that after 27th October, 2017, IBA has not convened any meeting of the Negotiating Committee to discuss our financial demands and so far there is no indication of any offer on wage revision. Rightly from UFBU you have addressed letters to IBA as well as to the Dept. of Financial Services. But since there is no response from them, from AIBEA, we feel that we should resort to agitational programmes demanding wage revision settlement without further delay.

2. Signature Collection Campaign: As per the decision of UFBU, we are in the midst of signature collective drive in our Mass Petition to Lok Sabha Speaker. From AIBEA and AIBOA, we have set a target of One crore signatures and we are on the job. We feel that we should meet in the UFBU to take stock of the implementation of this important programme so that the same is complete in time and to submit the Petitions during the Budget session of the Parliament.

Hence we suggest holding of the meeting of UFBU at the earliest to discuss and decide on these issues.

With greetings,

    Yours comradely,   


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