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Friday, December 1, 2017

Addressed to Yashwant Sinha

This refers to opinion  expressed  by Yashwant sinha on so called celebration  of rise in GDP in 2nd quarter of this fiscal year. 

As expected from hostile turned BJP leader Sri Yaswant Sinha, he has expressed his displeasure even on rise in GDP growth in Q2 as he ridiculed Modi and BJP government when GDP fell by some percentage  points. As he has turned hostile to Modi it is but natural that he will point out only black points visible to him on white shirt. His eyes are  not as open and clean as it used to be when he was FM and when he was a cause to the then economic mess and when the then PM Mr Vajpayee  had removed him from finance.

It is rightly said thst it is easy to preach sermons than to practise it. And most important is that only the bearer knows where the shoe pinches. MODI UNDERSTAND the pain of economy  he has inherited from UPA government and undoubtedly  he has done the best with available  resources  and in existing  critical economic health he inherited  from past governments.

Sinha further adds following in his article published  today.

"You can begin to tackle a problem only when you recognize that it exists. If you live in denial you will not even begin to do so. We have lived in denial as far as the ill-effects of demonetization and a faulty implementation of GST are concerned. "

On this point,  I would like to ask hounrable and respectable Sri Sinha that should Modi climb on Red Fort daily to announce that India has become weak and GDP will be down due to demonetisation  and GST if it is assumed that these two steps as perceived  by sri Sinha are damaging the economy. Should he tell  business community and international community that Indian government  has taken wrong steps to weaken India. Should India invite opponents  like Kejriwal  or Rahul Gandhi to form the government.

Yes if course I may say with full confidence that  sri Narendra Modi PM and Modi led NDA government has been doing the best without any self interest. NOT ONLY THIS, his government  has taken corrective steps on all irregularities found in case of demonetisation and GST. Review of GST is a continuous process and msny modifications have already been done.

Critics are boon for any one.  But when we keep image of the country  in mind,  wisdom of a wise and experienced politician of  ruling party  says economic experts like Sinha should extend a corrective and cooperative  step instead of pulling the leg of a leader who has created best image of the country in the world and who has done the best for all round growth of the country and also for minimizing  creation of black money and for reduction of corruption. I think Sinha must maintain restrain in eruption of his ego and refrain from making mockery of a good government. 

In age of 80 Yashwant Sinha should do some religious  activities, help poor and common men surrounding  him and remain satisfied with what he has. His journey to new world has started. Please remain blessed and pray for peace and happiness. He may take lesson from his Guru LK Advani. By ridiculing  Modi's performance  he is earning bad name in the minds of majority of Indians.  At most some of opponents of Modi associated with congress party or SAP may admire him because it elevates their ego. In fact all haters of Modi who are out of power or who find their future dark due to best performing Modi government  are only your admirer.  Please understand who are your real enemy and who has been your best friends for decades. At this age you should avoid critics for your own happiness.

I submit below a part of his latest blog and the link to article published in NDTV site to enable you to read full article.

Click Here to read full blog written by Sri Yashwant Sinha

बढ़ती उम्र पर जॉर्ज कार्लिन की सलाह
(अद्भुत संदेश - अंत तक जरूर पढ़ें नहीं तो आप अपने जीवन का एक दिन गवाँ देंगे।)

कैसे बने रहें - चिरयुवा

1. फालतू की संख्याओं को दूर फेंक आइए। जैसे- उम्र, वजन, और लंबाई। इसकी चिंता डॉक्टर को करने दीजिए। इस बात के लिए ही तो आप उन्हें पैसा देते हैं।

2. केवल हँसमुख लोगों से दोस्ती रखिए। खड़ूस और  चिड़चिड़े लोग तो आपको नीचे गिरा देंगे।

3. हमेशा कुछ सीखते रहिए। इनके बारे में कुछ और जानने की कोशिश करिए - कम्प्यूटर, शिल्प, बागवानी, आदि कुछ भी। चाहे रेडियो ही। दिमाग को निष्क्रिय न रहने दें। खाली दिमाग शैतान का घर होता है और उस शैतान के परिवार का नाम है - अल्झाइमर मनोरोग।

4. सरल व साधारण चीजों का आनंद लीजिए।

5. खूब हँसा कीजिए - देर तक और ऊँची आवाज़ में।

6. आँसू तो आते ही हैं। उन्हें आने दीजिए, रो लीजिए, दुःख भी महसूस कर लीजिए और फिर आगे बढ़ जाइए। केवल एक व्यक्ति है जो पूरी जिंदगी हमारे साथ रहता है - वो हैं हम खुद। इसलिए जबतक जीवन है तबतक 'जिन्दा' रहिए।

7. अपने इर्द-गिर्द वो सब रखिए जो आपको प्यारा लगता हो - चाहे आपका परिवार, पालतू जानवर, स्मृतिचिह्न-उपहार, संगीत, पौधे, कोई शौक या कुछ भी। आपका घर ही आपका आश्रय है।

8. अपनी सेहत को संजोइए। यदि यह ठीक है तो बचाकर रखिए, अस्थिर है तो सुधार करिए, और यदि असाध्य है तो कोई मदद लीजिए।

9. अपराध-बोध की ओर मत जाइए। जाना ही है तो किसी मॉल में घूम लीजिए, पड़ोसी राज्यों की सैर कर लीजिए या विदेश घूम आइए। लेकिन वहाँ कतई नहीं जहाँ खुद के बारे में खराब लगने लगे।

10. जिन्हें आप प्यार करते हैं उनसे हर मौके पर बताइए कि आप उन्हें चाहते हैं; और हमेशा याद रखिए  कि जीवन की माप उन साँसों की संख्या से नहीं होती जो हम लेते और छोड़ते हैं बल्कि उन लम्हों से होती है जो हमारी सांस लेकर चले जाते हैं

हमें प्रतिदिन का जीवन भरपूर तरीके से जीने की आवश्यकता है।

जीवन की यात्रा का अर्थ यह नहीं कि अच्छे से बचाकर रखा हुआ आपका शरीर सुरक्षित तरीके से श्मशान या कब्रगाह तक पहुँच जाय। बल्कि आड़े-तिरछे फिसलते हुए, पूरी तरह से इस्तेमाल होकर, सधकर, चूर-चूर होकर यह चिल्लाते हुए पहुँचो - वाह यार, क्या यात्रा थी!

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