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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

ACCHE Din For Salaried Class Are Near

For years and decades we salaried class said that salaried guys pay taxes and business men use many tools to evade tax. Fact is that even sandwich maker or tea coffee maker or even a golgappa seller on roadside earn more than many salaried guys who pay income tax. How much big business entities save tax is beyond our imagination.

Salute To great Modi and GST regime that business men whose business model was based on tax evasion are now thinking of tax payment to do peaceful business  and time has now come when salaried men and  pensioners will get relaxation and relief in forthcoming  budget.

AS I feel and experience, the guys who are screaming loudest on TV or on social media against GST  are those guys who did not pay taxes in Pre-GST period.
We have to be cautious  in words of tax evaders who are maligning Modi and BJP on issue of GST. If they succeed in their mischievous  design  we salaried guys in particular  and all together 3% of whole country in general  will continue to bear the burden of 100%. There is no doubt in it that as soon as number of tax evaders decreases and that of tax payers increases , government will have greater resources to share with service class and for welfare of poor and downtrodden.

I do not have sympathy and you too should not have sympathy  for those who evade taxes.

Modi has taken such a drastic step which no body in the past could dare in fear of loss in vote bank. It is Modi who take decisions for the benefit of poor and  middle-class families  concluding  salaried people.Modi do not take vote orientated harmful  decision like government  led by other political  parties.

Modi showed the courage to do a change  of this scale  and he must be praised for it. This step of GST  and that of demonetisation is historic and  will break the spine of black marketeer and  tax evadors.

Let us pledge to extend our wholehearted  support to Modi GST and demonetisation. 

Please read following news to make your idea about GST crystal clear and allay all doubts created by Modi haters on Whatapp and Facebook groups.

GST changes game for tax evaders: Finance Secretary-Times of India

GST data may be used to track income-tax evaders-Economic Times 06.12.2017

Link to Economic Times

Latest news on Gratuity is as follows.

New Delhi, Dec 4 (PTI) Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) backed bank organisation NOBW has demanded that the government bring an ordinance to double the tax-free gratuity limit to Rs 20 lakhs for all public as well as private sector employees.
National Organisation of Bank Workers (NOBW) also made a case for implementing this from January 1, 2016.


Dear Friends, 

Copy of letter written by General Secretary of AIBRF To Finance Minister on waiver of GST on Medi Claim Policy of retirees dt. 26.11.2017 is furnished here under for information

    Shri Arun Jaitley 
    Honourable Finance Minister
    Government of India
    New Delhi

    Respected Sir,  

                    Re GST on Health Insurance Premium for Senior Citizens

We convey our heartiest congratulations to you for introducing historical  and path breaking tax reform in the form of Goods and Services Tax (GST) which we feel  will go long way in rapid economic growth of the country. 

2. Our organisation, All India Bank Retirees Federation (AIBRF) represents bank retirees who happen to be senior citizens. Our membership is about 1.7 lakhs. There are about 15 crores senior citizens in the country.

3. Most of the senior citizens are retirees. They have very limited source of income and limited regular cash flow. The senior citizens are required to spend considerable amount on medical treatment of the self and spouse. Now a days, senior citizens go for Mediclaim insurance policies for meeting expenses of medical treatment.

4. We find that under new GST regime, Tax payable on insurance premium and hospitalisation is 18 per cent. It is becoming unbearable for the senior citizens who have limited source of income and premium rates for health insurance which  keep on increasing with passage of time and advancing age. Hospital bills is also increasing year after year. Under the present rate of GST, one fifth of hospital bill goes towards tax payment.

5. In view of this we request you to consider bringing GST on insurance premium and hospital bill in Zero slab category and provide much needed relief to the senior citizens in effective health management.
                  With Respectful Regards,    
                                                                      Yours Sincerely
                                                                          ( S.C.JAIN)
                                                                GENERAL SECRETARY
C.C to (1) Finance Secretary 
(2) Banking Secretary.

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