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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Movement For Justice To Bankers

Sri Sabyasachi Sanyal ji, a retired and experienced  banker writes following post and presents the fact how Sri Venugopalan has become a true fighter against Injustices meted out to retired bankers for years and decades. Initiative taken by Sri Sanyalji for the benefit of pensioners in general  is also praiseworthy .

 I feel pleasure in posting his message copied from Facebook in my blog so that maximum number of bankers can understand the nature of ongoing irregularities in pension rules, fraudulent behavior of bank management and injustice meted out to  pensioners have been facing for years and decades. 

Government of India as usual is silent spectator because trade unions which are supposed to be protector of bankers are also signatories in agreements signed with management from time to time during last four decades. Last two bipartite settlement are at least proof of clear cut cheating with bank staff. I say bank staff because every staff has to become a retired staff sooner or later.

United efforts of all pensioners can do justice with ŕetired bankers. We cannot expect good results only on depending United Forum of Bank Unions. We all have to act collectively.  Every retired  banker can contribute his idea and spread It yo make the effort a movement.

Here is copied message

Kindly read in between the lines of  recent letter sent by C N Venugopalan with his observations.Probably he has become the authority of knowledge and action  about pension regulation act backed by 16 years of long legal battle for pension updation  and revision of family pension. to represent in appropriate forum of Central Govt.

Click Here to Read Detailed Letter written By Sri Venugopalan on Pension Rule Irregularities
Do not  rely on  existing Trade union/ federation who  has betrayed the cause of retirees for last 23 years without any positive action but now claim to be champion for the cause of pre 2002 retirees about pension updation and revision of family pension. These  leaders having poor knowledge are working as  stooge of  IBA for a long time to derail the movement of legitimate claim of retirees. views of pension regulation act with chronological happenings.

You can contact C. N. Venugopalan  in his mob or email id to know the chronological; development about pension updation and revision family pension.

 It is a proud privilege of newly formed organisation AIBRWA that he is actively associated with his sacrifice and vast knowledge in the areas of different ill motive of  IBA and respective bank. about the genuine grievances of  pre 2002 retirees.

We shall have to be united under  umbrella  of AIBRWA having active profile of  honest leaders and workers.

Kindly support forward  movement of AIBRWA 
Spend your  happy Sunday along with your family member
Thanking you.
Sabyasachi Sanyal

 Letter of C.N. Venugopalan

(Former Director (GOI Nominee), State Bank of Travancore and Ex-Manager, Union Bank of India)
“Nandanam”, Kesari Juncti
on, North Paravur, Kerala -683 513 Mob: 9447747994 E-Mail:
No.171125 25 th November, 2017

The Secretary,
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs,
Government of India, New Delhi - 110 001
Dear Sir,
Sub: Gazette of India - Extraordinary -Part II Section 4 Notification No.428 dated 6 th November, 2017

The above notification is seen issued in the name of MINISTRY OF FINANCE with an opening portion as:

(Department of Financial Services)
Mumbai, the 18th September, 2017

F.No.6113,- In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (f) of sub-section (2) of section 19 of the Banking
Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act, 1970 ( 5 of 1970), the Board of Directors of the Union
Bank of India in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India and with the previous sanction of the Central
Government, hereby makes the following regulations further to amend the Union Bank of India (Employees')
Pension Regulations, 1995, namely:

1 (1) These regulations may be called the Union Bank of India (Employees') Pension (Amendment) Regulations,
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -”
and it concludes with the following:


The regulations which have been given retrospective effect are as per the agreed terms and conditions of the
settlements and Joint Notes signed between the Indian Banks' Association on behalf of member banks on the basis
of specific mandate given by the respective banks in this regard and apex level workmen unions and officers'
associations of the Banks.  Therefore, interests of no person shall be adversely affected by such retrospective

R R MOHANTY, (General Manager (HR)
(ADVT.-III.4 /Exty./298/17 ”
Contrary to what is stated in the explanatory memorandum, the amendments notified prejudice the relative
regulations by depriving the employees recruited on or after 31.03.2010, depriving  mployees who were in service
of the Bank on 29.09.1995 to 26.04.2010 of their statutorily vested  pension from the date of retirement to
26.11.2009. This apart, it intercepts regulations 5.3 and 11 of the original Pension Regulations by authenticating 
a fraudulent collection of a contribution of 2 .8 times pay for November, 2007 by the Bank in the case of
employees in service and 56 percent of CPF paid on retirement in the case of retired employees to the Pension
Fund of the Bank.

Section 19.1 and 19.4 of the Act 5 of 1970 mandate that any amendment to a regulation shall not prejudice what
is earlier done under a regulation and section 19.4 further lays down that any amendment," as soon may be, as
after it is made" shall be forwarded to the government and that the government shall table in both the Houses of
the Parliament for a period of 30 days and will have effect in the way it is approved by the Houses or will be of no
effect and prohibits any amendment that takes away the sanctions under the regulations.

In the above circumstances, I request you to kindly let me know:
1. Where the amendments envisaged through the notification were laid in the Houses of Parliament;
2. The period during which they were laid in the Houses;
3. How the amendments that ought to have been laid in the Houses sometime in the year 2010 itself (since
the Joint Note envisaging the amendments notified was signed on 27.04.2010) was laid after an
inordinately long period;
4. How the amendments that prejudice what were done earlier under the relative regulations were placed
in the Houses transgressing section 19.1 and 19.4 of Act No. 5 of 1970;
5. The enabling provision per which the General Manager ( H R ) of the Bank authenticated the notification
in the name of the Ministry of Finance from Mumbai, that too from a place where the Ministry of Finance
has no office.

I request you to kindly look into the matter and initiate steps to repeal the unwarranted notification under
intimation to me at the earliest.
Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,


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