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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Who Blames Banks And Bank Staff? By Pannavalan

Who all blame Banks and Bank Staff in India?
This question requires a careful study.  In the present circumstances, the government, the media, the general public, fellow workers of other institutions/departments and even judiciary blame the banks and bank staff, without any rhyme or reason.

So, before answering this question, we have to deeply analyze the psyche of all who all blame banks and bank staff.

Then you all will come to know these the groups of people who unreservedly blame the banks and bank staff today.

Those who are under the false notion that bank staff are literally rolling in money always.

Those who could not get through the highly competitive exam conducted for recruitment of clerks/officers in banks. 

Those who passed the written exam, but failed in the interview.

Those parents whose offspring could not secure a bank job.

Those who do not know/realize that banking and insurance are two fields in India, where bribery is conspicuously absent, especially at the lower levels.

Those who applied for a bank loan, but did not get one, as they failed to fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down by the banks.

Those who struggle hard to repay their bank loans. 

Those who do not want to repay their bank loans.

Those who want the bank staff to serve them, even outside the office hours.

Those who put up with all kinds of humiliation and injustice in all other places – especially private or public sector establishments, but never hesitate to complain and quarrel when they visit banks.

Those who put forth unreasonable demands to their bank and start fighting with the bank staff present, once their demand gets rejected.

Those who envy the bank staff on seeing infrastructure and amenities inside a bank office/branch (Air conditioners installed for proper upkeep of the computers are mistaken to be luxury provided to the staff at the cost of the customers and the general public).

Those who want the bank staff to rectify the mistakes committed elsewhere – like Date of Birth, Aadhaar, Driving License, PAN/Income Tax, Voter’s ID Card, Passport, Insurance Policy, Student’s ID Card, Ration Card, Scholarship/Subsidy provided by the Government etc.  They do not listen to the advice that solution can be found only at the place where the mistake occurred/problem originated. 

Those who are not aware of the present service conditions of the bank staff – both clerks and officers – vis-à-vis the employees in other sections of the organized sector – private or public.

Those who are not aware of the risks and responsibilities of bank staff more specially in today’s environment.

Those who find banks to be the easiest target to attack, if and when they are frustrated due to whatever reasons in their life.

Date: 10-09-2017                                                                                                                                                Written by  Pannavalan

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