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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dangers Of Adhar Linkages

It is dedicated to those political leaders and individuals who find threat to their privacy by use of Aadhar. It is specifically for Mamta Banerjee who has said that she will not link her mobile with Aadhar, come what may. She as a head of state is directly challenging a lawful directive issued by central government. People give finger scan voluntarily to a foreign company Apple or Samsung for using costly Mobile which can be unlocked by finger scan only. Same people hesitate to give finger scan to their own elected government in ADHAR. I think Mamta must have a Samsung or Apple mobile. People allow all private records to be seen and recorded by app makers and Mobile makers but are afraid of their Mobile linked to Aadhar where sharing of record is minimum. Is it not hypocrisy ? Is it not case of double standard? Some politicians are bent upon making India weak and hence they protest all actions taken by Modi government which are meant to make India stronger, socially economically and emotionally. It is ironic that same type of people do not hesitate in praising American or British system of social security number. If this blog is found good and useful, please share this in all your groups to expose evil minded people

At first read following satire and then read some facts. My opinion ion also posted thereafter.
Aadhaar People who just give any detail, without even bothering which details, to download a silly app, are up in arms against Aadhar linking saying they lose their privacy. Strange! Conversation between Aadhar, Apple and Samsung* *Aadhar* - I have Biometric information of people who posses me *Apple* - I too have the same *Samsung* - I too have what's new *Aadhar* - But Why People Criticise me I only take it once from the people *Apple* - 😂😂😂😂 I take finger print and eye scan daily and People love giving it and pay 50000 to buy me *Aadhar* - OMG Why ? But they say Some one can steal these biometric from me. Don't they say to you ? *Apple* - 🖕 Off I actually save every information on IPhone backup Server But they love me because I am costly. Indians love Costly death *Aadhar* - They say I am not secured despit the fact I am encrypted *Apple* - Look Do you remember when FBI took data from us ? It's not about encryption I gave all data to US Intelligence *Samsung* - I too 😂😂😂 My brothers like Vivo , Xiomi do the same and Chinese take it *Aadhar* - But Why Only I am cursed ? *Apple and Samsung unitedly* - It is because you are Indian and possessed by Indian People who needs excuses to abuse their own Indian Government. You become that Excuse, We are brands people give 40K- 50 K and give all details like Location, GPS, Contacts, Biometric every damn thing and Love Posting on *Facebook* - Hey That's my New IPhone 😄

Now Read some useful information about Adhar

How Aadhaar compares to other biometric national identification systems around the world-Published in First Post on 5th April 2017

The Aadhaar program is one of the technology success stories of India, and is an initiative unparalleled in scope anywhere else in the world. India is leading the way in the implementation of a national identification program linked to biometric data. As of March 2017, 113 crore residents in India have an Aadhaar card, which is roughly 88.6 percent of the projected population.

Delhi, Haryana and Telangana have seen the most enthusiastic adoption of Aadhaar, with the number of people with Aadhaar exceeding the projected populations of the state. The adoption of Aadhaar is markedly lagging in the north eastern states, with less than 10 percent of the projected populations in Assam and Nagaland having Aadhaar cards.

The card is meant to streamline bureaucratic processes, for better governance, delivering a range of services to the citizens as well as distribution of benefits and subsidies. Rs 671 crore of subsidies was directly transferred to 10 lakh farmers in Karnataka, in one smooth operation, proving the potential of Aadhaar. The central and state exchequers have saved Rs 36 crore in two years because of the deployment of Aadhaar.

Paul Romer, the chief economist at the World Bank, told Bloomberg that a worldwide standardised system on the lines of Aadhaar will benefit everyone on the planet. “The system in India is the most sophisticated I have seen. It’s the basis for all kinds of connections that involve things like financial transactions. It could be good for the world if this became widely adopted,” Romer said.

While many countries have registries of the population, smart passports with chips that store personal documents and other information, and a thriving biometrics market, few have implemented a program as ambitious and featured as Aadhaar. Comparable initiatives are underway in Brazil, Ghana, Indonesia and Malaysia.

One of Facebook member writes on Facebook expressing how it is dangerous to link Adhar with all activities reportedly made mandatory by Government of India. I am submitting below first what he has expressed about the risk associated with Aadhar linkages and then submit below what I feel about it.

   The current conundrum facing the Supreme Court.
The dangers of Aadhaar/UIDAI isn't about privacy or data security alone. It is far bigger. It is about how much power you as an individual, surrender to the government.
To those who support Aadhaar and/or the government, indulge me for a moment. Imagine, and I repeat imagine, for a moment that there is an anti-BJP or Congress government at the Centre or worse, an Army general who manages a coup and then declares an Emergency. The last time it happened, opposition leaders, including LK Advani or George Fernandes went underground. They masked their identity, travelled across the country, raised money and garnered people’s support for their activities against the government. None of this will be possible any more.
Under such a circumstance, just switching off your cell phone won’t be sufficient to avoid the government tracking you down. Thanks to Aadhaar, you won’t be able to withdraw money or make any transaction using even a debit card. The government is linking Aadhaar to train tickets and boarding passes. You won’t be able to travel.

Being a centralized database, it just takes a few seconds to switch off your Aadhaar authentication. That can deny you your own money, deny you any movement, deny you any form of communication. You can’t hide behind an alias. It is linked to your biometrics. The government doesn’t need to even arrest you. It can just deny your existence in a matter of few seconds. You aren’t dead, but you can be termed dead in a matter of few seconds. You can be Switched Off!

As databases get more and more linked – property cards, tax filings, joint bank accounts, school admissions, - it takes another few seconds to identify your family members. And extend the same denial of existence to your family, friends or anyone who you have done any relationship with. Switch them off!
Such acts don’t even require a declaration of Emergency. A Facebook post that isn’t liked by someone powerful enough can trigger this in a matter of moments. Switch Off.

The problem with Aadhaar is that it is centralized, and it owns you. You don’t have access to your own trail or data, but someone else has unilateral access to you, anytime. And it stores data, for seven years or even more. No law is sufficient. Aadhaar shouldn’t exist.
We don’t need rights or protection for Achhe Din. Rights and protection are meant for the bad times. But it is during the good times, it is important to not lose sight of how bad times can be and what we need to protect about ourselves.

The likes of Nandan Nilekani are now saying that is a security issue and then point fingers at Android, iOS or Facebook which too owns a lot of our data. It isn’t similar Sir. None of them have executive powers over me. I have some notional ability to delete them, sign off. They can’t Switch me Off. His argument is akin to saying – “look, we have built a grand, free house for you to live in. Yes, the columns of the house aren’t strong enough, but hey, there are other houses in towns that also have weak columns.” Sir, with all due respect, you should have built protection first before giving birth to a Frankenstein.

Now I submit below whatI feel 

This (what is mentioned above ) is purely an imagination and play of negative thoughts. If we apply the same logic , then executive power of government is enormous even without applying Adhar. 

Income Tax department or ED or police can issue order for seizure of all bank accounts and they can put anyone in jail on flimsy ground. Even now more than three lac prisoners are languishing in jail for years and decades without facing any charge sheet.  Thousands of crores of rupees are lost of good persons in bank frauds every year despite all risk mitigating processes being in force. Judiciary does not decide cases even after lapse of two to three decades and the aggrieved is subjected to various tortures and constrained to bear with poison of injustice even though he or she may be innocent . He or she has no say before the unbridled powers of a police officer, or that of a judge or a minister or even a small political leader or government officer. We have witnessed in the past how leaders of opposition parties have been suppressed by leaders of ruling party, how they are put in jail on flimsy ground, how during emergency period , all fundamental rights were snatched by the then government and so on.....
We all know how false and fabricated lacs of cases against politicians are pending in courts without trail for years and decades.

It is seen ,if police and government want to puncture a public led mass movement , they can do in several ways. We know how Kejriwal and Ramdeo like persons had to discard movement against corruption in fear of suppressive acts of the then government.

So far as Aadhar is concerned, I would like to add here that in developed countries like USA ,there is Citizen identify cards which has to be used by a citizen for all his activities, for purchase of any goods or services and for doing any service or business or any profession. Politicians or individuals who are antagonist of Aadhar or who are seeing Aadhar as beast or monster do not object to strict rules of USA when they happen to tour that country. They rather appreciate the draconian rules of USA government and question why Indian government are unable to enforce discipline in India.

Some people present Aadhar linkage as the most dangerous step and prove it as if it is equivalent to committing suicide by an individual who share with all information in Aadhar and allow its linkage to various financial transactions. They do not see several positive features of Aadhar which will enable government in reducing or stopping black Money creation, frauds, tax evasion, terror activities, anti-nationals etc. 

Height of the matter is that we do not trust our own government which is elected by process defined by our own Constitution. We have all rights to criticise wrong policies and we may put forward our valid suggestions for making a policy more transparent and risk free. But doubt all acts without applying our wisdom and experience is like opposing all what ruling party does and supporting what any of opposition party says about ruling party. This sheep mentality is not good for the health of the country as also for Individuals in general.

People blame government when they become victim of Corrupt officials, terror attacks or criminals.  But when a government take some corrective steps, people start protesting it even if it does not hurt honest per in any way. 

They want total freedom to do whatever they like but when an untoward incident takes place, they will put entire blame on government. Rules are framed to catch culprit. Police thana or a traffic police  is there to catch one or two percent of law breakers only. But for this purpose 99% of population have to accept and follow the rule in true spirit.

Some people are very much careless and casual to cleanliness and it is they who make offices and residences dirty as if it is their right to do so and to make it clean is the duty of the government.

It is just like , people want taxes levied should be zero on all, but world class amenities should be available to them. People if given choice will not like to pay even 1% as tax and they try their best to avoid paying tax somehow or the other. This is why they protest all taxes. But they desire government to provide all facilities and all safety.

We as citizen do not want to be disciplined and vigilant to ourselves but we want government to protect us . Even a private security guard posted at the gate of a house is willingly or unwillingly made aware of all in-house activities .Armed forces posted at borders to protect us are also made aware of internal happenings, secret places, key installations and so on and then only they may protect us. Similarly if Adhar is linked to various financial activities, it may help Government in stopping evil financial transactions. And for this purpose we have to give certain access to government to enable them to keep us safe. There is no doubt that there should be  adequate safeguards to stop misuse of Aadhar by Government itself.  

We have to keep in memory that trust is the first key to success. If you start doubting all, no one will come to you for any help, even your close relatives will move away from you. 

It is ironical  that people are giving all permissions to social sites, all apps and servers like Google. Promoters and promoting countries  can (if they want to) misuse our data , contacts and information related to us even if we switch off our account or close our association with these social cites and apps. They acquire all our information only after our permission and they store it for future use. All mails go to the server of Google which is based outside India, and we have been doing so for years and decades, past governments did nothing to start a country based mailer or social cites as China has done.

Even what we talk on phone with our friends are sent to apps owner or to social sites based outside India. Our personal data, talks, financial transactions all are being analysed by foreign based agencies. They know our exact location where we stand or sitting now due to GPS linked mobile and permission holder apps loaded on our mobile. What is protected and what not, only God knows.

So far as Adhar is concerned, government will have fewer data than what I and you already have shared with others. These sites are selling our contacts and all informations including tape of our conversations and earning huge money.

As a matter of fact evil doers, criminals, tax evaders, terrorists and all anti-social elements  are actually more fearful with application of Adhar than honest persons who need not worry at all by linking Adhar because they have nothing to hide with government.. 

This is my view. You may differ.

Let us see, what apex court says after hearing related case. Supreme Court will perhaps look into pros and cons of Aadhar in forthcoming months and then decide what is right and upto what extent Aadhar is wrong and undesirable. They may suggest other measures to protect privacies of individuals if at all it is encroached upon by the government in any respect.

Politicians who are out of power after enjoying decades in power are also trying to create confusion and chaos. Various types of fake and fabricated news are posted on social sites. They are spreading misinformation on income tax, raids, demonetisation, armed forces, surgical strike etc to tarnish image of the ruling party. Some people who have lost power in 2014 are also seeking help from Pakistan and other countries to remove Modi and BJP from power. We have however to apply our mind before trusting them blindly. Overall benefits to the nation should be considered as our topmost  priority. Politicians have to play power game and they will continue to do so , but we have to assess acts of the government without any prejudices and with open mind keeping all aspects in consideration instead of projecting all acts of the ruling party as negative and dangerous for Indian citizen .

I submit below some advantages and disadvantages collected from internet . Government of India as also Supreme Court will dwell upon points which may pose threat to privacy of Individual and suggest adequate protective steps

Advantages/Merits/Benefits of Aadhaar Card
  • Jhan Dhan Yojana – Aadhaar Card is used as the major document of proof when opening a bank account under the Pradhan Mantri Jhan Dhan Yojana in the nation. The bank account comes with great set of benefits like free zero balance saving account, RuPay Card, accident insurance and more.
  • Direct Benefit Transfer – Aadhar Card linked bank account will get their set of LPG Subsidy directly accredited in the bank account. All you need is to link Aadhaar Number to the 17-digit LPG consumer identification under the PAHAL Scheme.
  • Monthly Pension and Provident Fund – As per the new changes in rule, a person needs to link their Aadhaar Card to their respective pension account and provident fund. A person who has registered their Aadhaar Card as per the rule will have the amount credited to their bank account.
  • Avail New Bank account – Straying away from the old rule that requires submission of multiple documents for the opening of bank account, Aadhaar Card has been a timely intervention. Aadhaar Card is now accepted by the banks as part of the valid id proof for opening a bank account. It also acts as the address proof of the applicant and validates their credentials. No more requirements for the baggage of documents when opening a bank account now.
  • Passport and Voter ID – Aadhaar Card will relieve you of the lengthy procedure while obtaining Passport. An applicant who uses Aadhaar Card as part of the procedure can get the Passport in just 10 days. Furthermore, a change in rules and laws have regarded Aadhaar Card as a compulsory document for obtaining Passport.
  • Starting from the 9th of March, 2015, every Voter ID will be linked to Aadhaar Card in a bid to eliminate the bogus voters. That being said, a legal voter will get absolute right to use his powers granted by the law. It’s only for those illegal holders of multiple Voter ID that will be hampered.
However, everything’s not all shiny and bright. There are a few disadvantages associated with the Aadhaar Card as of now. We’ll now look onto the other side of the coin of Aadhaar Card with our entry down below.

Disadvantages/Demerits of Aadhaar Card
  • Foreign Handling of the data – As Aadhaar Project is being handled by private companies who won the round of auctions. The project is also set to entertain Foreign Companies in terms of research and development. Such a step might lead to data erosion to the foreign body which in the hindsight will compromise the privacy of the individuals of India.
  • Problems Arising due to Centralization – As the Unique Identification Scheme is governed by the supreme authority of the nation, there might arise problems pertaining to the centralization of it. The centralization of power will create different unorthodox issues for government and people as a whole. As such a mighty disadvantage lurking in for the Aadhaar based identification is the centralization of power attached to.
  • Uneasy nature of Usage – In a mass of population where illiteracy and rural lifestyle are still burgeoning around, using Aadhaar card can be a tricky thing to be negotiated. Many still find using Aadhaar Card and its mirage of offerings as one of the bane rather than as a boon for the nation. Only when the population is able to cope with the usage of Aadhaar Card can that be named as successful enough.

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