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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Is Indo-Pak War Inevitable?

A few persons and some politicians are asking for immediate war against Pakistan to take revenge of our soldiers killed by Pak firing. Some media men have created hype on their TV channels on probable war with China and Pakistan and they are busy in provoking sentiments of general mass against China and Pakistan and trying to creating an atmosphere where GOI is forced to strike war against Pakistan and China.

Some people are asking total boycott of Chinese goods and some are raising sentiments against goods sold by Muslim community. In my opinion this trend is not at all commendable and should be stopped and restrained. Social sites has a greater role to play to keep peace and social harmony but unfortunately they are more engaged in negativity and in creating disturbance. 

I have a few words for them and hope these people will not charge the environment with demand for war and refrain from creating hatredness among various castes, communities and countries. It is easy to preach revenge but difficult to have patience , forgive and forget for the sake of peace and for overall welfare of the humanity.

Army as well as government has to keep in consideration a lot of factors before waging a war or carrying out surgical strike against an enemy country .Army cannot behave like a whimsical person or a dictator , they have to remain in discipline and try to secure citizen of the country . The option of war can be exercised only when all options are closed and the enemy is bent upon doing the worst against mankind.

India is facing dual threat at the same time, one from Pakistan and another from China. If all borders attached with Pakistan and China are engaged in war at the same time  , Indian army may face shortage of arms and ammunition also. Besides the strategy to fight against one country may be in conflict with that against other .Whatever may be the real potential of the army , it cannot be discussed in public domain. All preparations and strategies are framed in secret way and in core group of decision taking body.

To add fuel to fire, there are several persons and groups which are bent upon weakening India from within.There is no doubt that agents of enemy nations are working from within our country against our country people. 

And the most important is to assess permutation and combinations of international community which may save us or which may further aggravate the fight. There are some nations which favour war and some are against it. Some nation may support us and some may support enemy country. Army and GOI has to assess the situation in its entirety. After all, we are living in a world community and have to follow common code of conduct. We may not act in isolation.

In addition ,war is not the solution of any problem, it will cause loss of many lives both sides .It causes huge monetary loss and reduces economic activity.

Lastly it is army which has to plan strategy in advance to meet challenging situations arising after start of war. Army cannot act on whims and fancies if a person or a group.
It is easy to demand war but as soon as war starts and losses start increasing ,same people may ask for immediate ceasefire or accuse the government of waging a war without adequate preparation.

Government got success in surgical strike because it was well planned. Even now , though army has not chosen the path of direct war , army has been retaliating all firing from Pakistan or all terror attacks sponsored by Pakistan in aggressive way. We should not underestimate our army power. But still deciding authority has to think a lot before striking a war against Pakistan  or China or both .

Basically India is peace loving country whereas Pak is a rogue / notorious  state. India believes in coexistence unlike Pakistan and China who believe in expansion and in supremacy of their religion. India has to maintain and respect it's long cherished value system.
India cannot go to dirty extent as Pakistan can. India's image in world community is not at all comparable with Pak.

We are developing country whereas Pak is a terror state. We are worshipping non-violence whereas Pak believes in violence only. We help our brothers and sisters belonging to  all communities without any discrimination whereas Pak has eliminated many of non-Islamic  group where they are in powerful position. As such India cannot do what Pak can do.

We have to keep our culture intact, no compromise with our principals of coexistence and the principle of "Sab ka sath sab ka Vikas' .
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Danendra Jain

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